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The metal section frame was an innovation in twentieth century picture framing. It can now be found in museums, galleries, institutions, and homes around the world. The metal section frame was invented by picture framer Donald P. Herbert (1926-1982) in the late 1960s. The frame was designed to fill a void within the framing industry. The concept followed Herbert’s attendance at a museum conference in Toronto in 1967. While there he met with Dr. Harold Joachim (1909-1983), at that time the Curator of the Department of Prints and Drawings with The Art Institute of Chicago. Dr. Joachim discussed the need for a picture frame that would allow the Institute to loan artwork from their collection. He expressed the need for an easily assembled and affordable picture frame. Herbert’s solution was the section frame. Originally he planned to call the frame a CPD frame, standing for Curator of Prints and Drawings, but the name Metal Section Frame ended up being used.

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  1. gesasky

    Metal Frame Pistols For Concealed Carry?

    I am thinking about selling my Glock 19 and buying a CZ but I was just wondering is it even practical to carry a metal framed pistol? Even a compact one? I just feel like it would be super heavy. Should I stick with my Glock? I just keep hearing people rave about their CZs...
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