The Webley Revolver (also known as the Webley Top-Break Revolver or Webley Self-Extracting Revolver ) was, in various marks, a standard issue service pistol for the armed forces of the United Kingdom, and the British Empire and Commonwealth, from 1887 until 1963.
The Webley is a top-break revolver and breaking the revolver operates the extractor, which removes cartridges from the cylinder. The Webley Mk I service revolver was adopted in 1887 and the Mk IV, rose to prominence during the Boer War of 1899–1902. The Mk VI, introduced in 1915 during the First World War, is perhaps the best-known model.
Firing large .455 Webley cartridges, Webley service revolvers are among the most powerful top-break revolvers ever produced. The .455 calibre Webley is no longer in military service but the .38/200 Webley Mk IV variant is still in use as a police sidearm in a number of countries. With a modified, "shaved" cylinder and the use of a half moon clip, the Webley Mk VI can fire the 45 ACP cartridge, although overpressure or +P .45 ACP cartridges exceed Webley proof loads and should not be used. Many Webley Mk VIs were converted to fire 45 ACP ammunition after the remaining .455 Webley ammunition dwindled.

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  1. CountryGent

    Modern Top-Break Revolvers Viable?

    I've have had a nearly life long interest in top-break revolvers for reasons I'm not really sure about. I've found I buy them, play with them for a spell, then move on. But modern firearms in such configuration are very limited. And if you limit "modern" to this century, exceedingly small...
  2. CountryGent

    Classic Imperial British Revolvers: the Webley WG Army and Target

    I have always had an interest in Webley and Enfield revolvers, so I found this video interesting. I thought I would pass it along for others to enjoy. Cheers. :)
  3. nextgenar

    Webley MkIV 38 S&W

    Here’s a neat Revolver, this is a Webley MK IV 38 S&W, manufactured in 1942 by the Webley and Scott Company, during the Second World War. This revolver is marked “War Finish” it shoots very well, I tried to post a video with me shooting it, but couldn’t because the file was too large. So here...
  4. CountryGent

    Webley Mark VII

    No that isn't a typo. It looks like they are making new Webley-type revolvers. Except they are 7-shooters and chambered in .357 Magnum. Be still, my beating heart ... Alas, the going rate starts at $10K. :eek:
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