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"Need to Know" is the eleventh episode of the second season of House, which premiered on Fox on February 7, 2006.

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  1. Lemon Man

    New gunsmithing apprentice here, wanting advice for a certain dire situation.

    I am a new gunsmithing apprentice, trying to learn at this place for the last 4 months or close to that, Things are getting dire and I'm not sure if I'm just paranoid or overthinking things but I feel like the people I'm learning from not only dislike me but are against seriously teaching me and...
  2. dondoo1315

    Ez-9 broke easily. But will it still fire?

    So 2019 Christmas I got a smith and Wesson ez 9 and was shooting some self defensive ammo threw it and this happened. (see pictures below). I Called the smith and Wesson number tried to get parts ordered for it on three separate occasions. all three times they sent me the wrong part finally...
  3. 6gunslinger

    Advice wanted for silencing a Beretta 92

    Y'all have probably heard it all before but I was unable to find conclusive answers for these questions... First off lets assume I've already found the perfect ammunition to use for the set up and that the factory barrel has already been threaded. I'm thinking of getting a 6" silencer for my...
  4. arakboss

    Need advice on dry media and additives for rcbs vibratory case cleaner

    Edit: I just picked up a rcbs vibratory case cleaner. I am looking at purchasing some lyman tufnut for my first media purchase. Any advice on other media options, additives or techniques would be appreciated. I am not concerned with having that new super polished brass look. I just want clean...
  5. Kruel J

    Heading to ID tomorrow for a week and need advice

    Gonna be in Ada county then Ketchum area. I lived in Meridian for 4 years. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good place to eat in both areas. And no “big box” type restaurants that are everywhere. I’m planning on Idaho Pizza one day for lunch, I remember it being pretty good. Others? :)
  6. Lars

    Need advice for safe

    I'm looking to buy a safe before the end of the year. What would you recommend? Figure 5-6 pistols and 10-12 rifles. Any good deals out there right now?
  7. kmk1012

    Need Advice Where to Shoot Near Bro In Law's

    My BIL is buying a pistol tomorrow and I am not familiar about a range near his place. He lives in clackamas and I was hoping to take my new toys up there to join him. I'm just looking for either an indoors range or something close outdoors. Paying wouldn't be an issue, just a place we could...
  8. Diamondback

    Build Thread  Planning an M4gery, need advice

    So, as my next build for long-term planning I've decided on an M4gery, Full Metal Milspec as close as I can get other than the 16" barrel, no Rock & Roll option and upgrading to Mid gas. (Markings aren't important to me.) I'm looking at one of these two Palmetto kits as a start: PSA 16"...
  9. Runwithryan

    G26: Sold a Bill of Goods

    Here's basically the down and dirty. The wife, gave me the permission to buy a new concealed carry for my last birthday (April). Having never bought a gun online I decided to do just that from (I wasn't a member of Northwest Firearms at the time). I bought a used glock 26 from a...
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