The Queen's Bench (French: Cour du banc de la Reine); or, during the reign of a male monarch, the King's Bench (Cour du banc du Roi), is the superior court in a number of jurisdictions within some of the Commonwealth realms. The original King's Bench, founded in 1215 in England, was one of the ancient courts of the land and is now a division of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales. In the Commonwealth, the term Queen-on-the-Bench, or King-on-the-Bench is a title sometimes used to refer to the monarch in their ceremonial role within the justice system, as the fount of justice in that justice is carried out in their name.

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  1. Dust2Dollars

    34 pounds of trash or treasure, I’m not sure yet??

    34 pounds of trash or treasure, I'm not sure yet?? A while back a good friend called and said he has rescued a rifle from the scrap yard. He knows I'm intrigued by the unusual and unique gun items so he called me asking if I would want to buy it. When I asked him to describe it he stammered and...
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