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  1. AMT

    WTB: Work bench with drawers

    Hoping some folks on here can help. I am looking for a sturdy work bench with drawers similar to the link below. Does anyone know of any place around the PDX area that has/sells/makes something similar? It is not for heavy duty use, just trying to make better use of space that I have. Does...
  2. Ironbar

    The bench is finally starting to take real shape!

    Tonight I installed the last (until the next upgrade) of the Rockler T Track system on my bench. I bought some ¼" T Track bolts which fit perfectly through the base of the Inline Fabrication Ultra-Mount. I then use four Rockler screw down cam-locks on each corner, and everything is absolutely...
  3. Ironbar

    Got the reloading bench back up and running!

    Well, I guess you could call this more of a multi-use shop bench which is why I don't permanently mount my reloading gear. However, I managed to get everything out of storage, and for the first time in years started processing brass for my Garand again! Yesterday I put on a movie, popped in the...
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