lee enfield

  1. atowne2

    Need Lee Enfield #1 mk3 headspace fix

    I have a 1917 SMLE MK3, better none as a #1 mk3. It has a headspace problem. I purchased a bolt head on ebay but it did not line up with the receiver when I screwed it into my bolt. The #1 mk3 does not have different size bolt heads like the #4s do. I read somewhere where someone welded onto...
  2. N

    Best place to purchase Lee Enfield Rifle?

    Hi guys I’m based in Vancouver, WA and am wondering the best place to purchase nice condition Lee Enfield No4 Mk1/2 dated around the ww2 era. Not bothered if Canadian or British manufacture as long as the condition, head spacing and barrel are all in decent condition. Appreciate where you think...
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