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  1. Seattle206

    WA: Gunsmith to Shorten, Crown, Installed Bead on SxS Shotgun (Seattle Area)

    I have an old Stevens 311H SxS 12GA that I want to turn into a coach gun. Any recommendations in the Seattle area who can shorten the barrel down to 18.5", crown, and install a bead sight? Thank you.
  2. DeanMk

    SxS ID?

    Found this cool pic of a SxS in a grouse hunting article I just read. Anyone know the make/model of the gun shown here? I'm thinking its nothing too fancy, but I don't recognize the scroll work.
  3. Soren

    Stevens 311a 12 guage SxS Info

    I picked up a Stevens 311a yesterday. I know it was built in 1957 because of the "I" in the circle. Does anyone know what the "PJ" before the circled "I" mean?
  4. ScottInPDX

    Looking for gunsmith recommendations for an L.C. Smith Hammerless SxS

    Hi everyone - I've been looking for a classic American made SxS on a tight budget, and finally found one: an L.C. Smith Hammerless Field Grade in 12GA, with mismatched serial numbers and just enough wrong with it to make it affordable for me. It has a forend so loose it will drop fall off if...
  5. CountryGent

    Remington Baikal SxS?

    So, I'm doing my daily Gunbroker fart-about and looking for a 77/357, when I spy a SxS, in .45/70, that is made by Baikal, but marked both Baikal and Remington. Anyone know the scoop on these? :s0076: Just curious. (Parenthetically, kind of a neat rifle. I'm not in the market for a...
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