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  1. Diamondback

    Help me out with picking a CAR stock?

    Well, it's Decision Time on ordering a stock for the C8 build, and I need some input from the Wisdom of the Crowd. M&A Parts has the basic CAR they've offered for years for around US$25. Retro Rifles offers what appears to be the same molding in an OD Green that they claim to be Canadian clone...
  2. nanodeutsch

    ATI Folding Stock for Mini-14

    This came on my Mini 14 but was not used as I prefer the more traditional stock. Solid stock in great shape. Comes with all the rails and attachment points.
  3. T

    Facing recession, gun control, civil disturbance, stock market decline....

    What would be suggested for preparations?
  4. Aispuro

    Triangle trunnion Stock (10)

    Selling a basically new triangle stock I purchased this an mounted it then swapped for wood furniture . Well made stock made out of aluminum. I'll post the manufacturers description below. AK triangle fixed stock • Mounts to single tang rear trunnion • Ambidextrous QD sling swivel mounts •...
  5. 1

    Spf...Ruger M77 Mark II in Accurate Innovations Stock 350 Rem. mag. Immaculate! $949

    Selling a beautiful and accurate Ruger M77 Mark II in 350 Rem Mag in absolute pristine condition. The gun includes a work of art fishscale stock by Accurate Innovations which costs $850 alone. I don't have the factory stock. The bbl threaded by a master gunsmith for muzzle brake. The gun is...
  6. Ranger515

    Remington 870 Tactical Speedfeed IV stock $350

    This is a pre-Freedom Group 870. I have a small rail segment attached on the magazine tube for a weapon light. Buyer pays fees at Oregon Rifleworks or at Tigard Pawn. Specific trade interests include: Bergara Ridge 18” in .308 Arsenal AK Sig MCX Benelli M2 or M4 Sig MPX Remington SPS...
  7. RedneckRampage

    VLTOR IMOD for Regular M4 Stock

    I have a like new IMOD in Black I would like to trade for a Colt or LMT standard stock, plus a little cash.
  8. FullMetalJerk

    Anderson Lower with MFT Minimalist Stock PSA Lower Parts Kit and Stark Equipment Grip

    Anderson Lower with MFT Minimalist Stock PSA Lower Parts Kit and Stark Equipment Grip. No Damage. The upper was sold. Anderson AM-15/AR-15 Multi-Caliber Lower (9mm capable with a magwell insert) Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock (no wiggle or play at all, it's very tight!) Palmetto...
  9. Tony617

    Starting to refinish my Romanian AK-47 stock set

    I was wondering does the cleaning kit spring come out in the AK-47 buttstock? I tried gently but it does no budge.
  10. I

    HK Parts AR15 PDW Stock (NEW)

    I have a new HK parts PDW stock i bought and never used on a build. This fits and standard AR15 and is for 5.56 and is not for shooting suppressed unless you have adj gas block.
  11. T

    Colt upper, SOB brace, Knoxx, PSA Fde stock

    $100 - Colt upper $60 - PSA SOB brace $50 - Knoxx Spec ops 870 stock $30 - PSA FDE stock and grip All parts used except for the fde stock and grip. Trade for - Trade all for a complete AR upper Pmags 5.56/223 ammo 9mm and 45 acp ammo 300blk ammo Silver Or?
  12. OldTengu

    Wasr-10 folding stock?

    Looking to add one. Anyone have any experience with a decent one? Looking for something metal, ideally. Thanks!
  13. titsonritz

    Which type of stock do you prefer on lever guns?

    Which one do you like better, why? The photo below is just for visual reference, nothing to to do with the specific guns.
  14. CountryGent

    Mounting Red Dot on Krebs Kalashnikov? Folding Stock?

    My father visited today for the children's birthday and asked me: Is there a way to mount a red dot sight. Can he swap the non-folding stock for a folding one. I am assuming the answer is affirmative on the first, though I don't know what to recommend for him. Not sure on the latter as I...