Links (also known as Links Magazine, or Links: The Best of Golf in full) is a U.S. bi-monthly golf magazine published by Purcell Enterprises, Inc. in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Links has a mission "of bringing the most engaging, sophisticated and surprising content to its audience of
passionate golfers."

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  1. 2

    Holster Manufacturers and Retail (LINKS) Bookmarks

    Some may find this useful? These are my bookmarked handgun websites. Mainly relevant to holsters and where one might look. #56 Shoulder Holster, A. E. Nelson Leather Co. Concealed Carry Holsters | Concealment Holsters | Alien Gear Holsters Andrews Leather Catalog Full Range of Bianchi...
  2. arakboss

    Oregon  Potential Gut & Stuff List of 2019 Firearms Related Bills With Direct Amendment Links

    Note: I just performed the check through all these bills and it took about 1min 30sec to do. Volunteers for midday and evening check wanted. I put this list of firearm related bills together with links that take you directly to the Amendment list for each bill. Since the Gut & Stuff procedure...
  3. Joe Link

    Help Wanted  Broken Links, Photos, and Videos

    Before we migrate to NWFA V4 next year we have a ton of 'housekeeping' to do. One of the things we need to do is eliminate as many broken links, photos, and videos as possible, and the site is simply too big for our staff to tackle this task alone! Helping out couldn't be easier. If you see a...
  4. CountryGent

    Fixed  Error Posting Internal Links on Chrome

    I have found, while using Chrome (my standard browser on almost all devices), more and more when I post a response and link to an existing thread on NWFA, I see this: If I save the message, fire up Firefox, and post the exact same message (link included), no problem. It doesn't happen all...
  5. CountryGent

    National  Senator Seeks Documents on Russia Money Links to the NRA

    Looks like Senator Wyden from the Beaver State is behind this. :rolleyes: Associated Press article here.
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