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  1. RicInOR

    National  BRADLEY BEERS v. USA 2nd Amendment violation?

    BRADLEY BRADLEY BEERS; JOSEPH DIVITA; JOSEPH DIVITA -v- USA In 2005, Bucks County, Pa. man is involuntarily hospitalized after threatening suicide, putting a gun in his mouth. He's had no mental health treatment since 2006, and, in 2013, a doctor said he could safely handle firearms. Does the...
  2. joken

    USA Sig P210 Target

    Has anyone bought one of these? I have only seen pictures and a few reviews, but I have a real bad itch to have one.
  3. T

    Oregon has one of the lowest gun murder rates in USA

    second table below: Firearm death rates in the United States by state - Wikipedia
  4. Boboclown

    Zastava USA??

    BREAKING: Zastava Arms USA to Become the Exclusive Zastava Firearms Importer - Interesting, apparently Zastava is no longer working with CAI? Wonder what could have caused that... Century Arms limiting their imports to push their American made AKs, and Zastava wanting to import more? Or just...
  5. ment2miss

    Problems with TAC-CON USA

    Hello, Im having a BIG problem with Tac-con usa. I bought one of their 3mr triggers. The trigger broke the first time I shot it, on the second round. I emailed(i think on a friday/saterday) tac-con and told them about the break, they emailed me back early in the week. They said to send it back...
  6. RicInOR

    International  Mass Shootings - worse that USA

    and we are not talking Mexico, Brazil either. Instapundit » Blog Archive » CHICAGO TRIBUNE: How gun-free zones invite mass shootings. Spoiler: It’s pretty much how you’d fi…
  7. tac

    One of my pistols turns up in the USA....

    Shooter Artillery Luger Funny old world, eh?
  8. The Heretic

    Suppressors you can't have (in the USA)

    SILENCER SATURDAY #44: Suppressors That Are NOT ALLOWED In The US - Why? Because. "Section 8.3 Importation of NFA firearms. With certain exceptions, NFA firearms may only be imported for the use of the United States or any State or possession or political subdivision thereof such as a law...
  9. MDL

    National  USA Today poll backs GOA on failed background checks

    Brady background check has failed to live up to its promises
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