"Bills, Bills, Bills" is a song by American girl group Destiny's Child. It was written by band members Beyoncé Knowles, LeToya Luckett, LaTavia Roberson, and Kelly Rowland along with Kandi Burruss of Xscape and Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs for their second album The Writing's on the Wall (1999), featuring production by the latter.
Released as the album's lead single in June 1999, the song provided the quartet with their first chart-topper on both the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and Canadian RPM singles chart. A worldwide success, the track reached the top ten in Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom and entered the top forty on the majority of the charts in appeared on. Critically acclaimed, the song was nominated for two Grammy Awards for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals and Best R&B Song at the 42nd awards ceremony. The accompanying music video for "Bills, Bills, Bills", directed by Darren Grant, was shot in a beauty salon as a tribute to Knowles' mother Tina.

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  1. SifuGreg

    Oregon  SB348 is on the move again

    For any of you who don't know, although Measure 114 is in stasis, Senate Bill 348 was a "gut and stuff" which was a complete rewrite of measure 114 and is alive and well and in some cases WORSE in that is retroactively establishes the active date for the magazine ban to December 08th and...
  2. CountryGent

    Oregon  Senate Democrats Appear To Give Up Gun Control, Vaccine Bills To Get GOP Back

    Being reported on OPB: Senate Democrats Appear To Give Up Gun Control, Vaccine Bills To Get GOP Back
  3. Joe Link

    Washington  Inslee signs bills tightening gun rules

    Inslee signs bills tightening gun rules
  4. DB is Here

    Other State  Texas: House Passes Two NRA-Backed Bills This Week

    NRA-ILA | Texas: House Passes Two NRA-Backed Bills This Week
  5. arakboss

    Oregon  Potential Gut & Stuff List of 2019 Firearms Related Bills With Direct Amendment Links

    Note: I just performed the check through all these bills and it took about 1min 30sec to do. Volunteers for midday and evening check wanted. I put this list of firearm related bills together with links that take you directly to the Amendment list for each bill. Since the Gut & Stuff procedure...
  6. gunsmithkinks

    Washington  Executive Session video on various bills

    Today, Thursday March 28th, 2019 in Olympia, the following bills are scheduled for an executive session vote in the Senate Committee on Law & Justice at 10:00 AM SBH1739 is for undetectable and untraceable firearms. The link to watch the live video that starts at 10:00am is posted below for...
  7. arakboss

    Oregon  Get ready for April 2nd. OFF says hearing on Firearm bills coming.

    Check this link frequently and look for 4/2 date under meetings drop down: Judiciary Senate 2019 Regular Session - Oregon Legislative Information System Anti Gun Bills Scheduled - Oregon Firearms Federation Potential bills that could come up from OFF's list: SB 5 Imposes strict liability...
  8. O

    Mosque Shooting in NZ

    Absolutely insane. Dude livestreamed it. I watched it out of a morbid curiosity and found it utterly horrific. The shooter was without remorse, and his manifesto is nuts. Christchurch mosque shootings: One arrested, at least nine dead What is of interest are his efforts to drag US gun culture...
  9. bentoncity

    Washington  WARNING: Response to bills on govt. website

    I inadvertently ticked off MY elected officials that I support because.... I always add my 'comments' to bills I don't agree with via the state website..like this one What I didn't know was that my comments went ONLY to the elected officials I checked off. I was under the assumption that my...
  10. bolus

    Oregon  time to start submitting bills to be sponsored

    Ever feel you are constantly on the defensive? Writing letters and emails about terrible bills you know will be ignored? Feel as if the legislature is flooded with anti-gun bills every year? Getting a bill submitted and sponsored by a representative is pretty easy and it is now time to start...
  11. S

    Washington  Committee Deadline Expires: Some bills die, others advance

    I dont have the numbers off hand... But it looks like the CHL restrictions, magazine bans and the risk protection orders have all made it out of committee. Looks like we dodged the full on "Assault Weapon Ban" this time, but you are still looking at mag restrictions... CHL restrictions could...
  12. gunsmithkinks

    Washington  Current complete list of gun bills for the WA State legislative Session

    Here is the list for gun bills being voted on during the current 2019 legislative session here in WA State. You can click on each underlined bill to open the pages to view everything pertaining in to each bill. Including downloading the pdf files for each gun bill. I have not see anyone post...
  13. slimmer13

    Washington  Firearm related Bills by party

    Worth a quick perusal. Try to not get this locked. 2019 House Bills Related to Firearms | Washington State House Republicans
  14. Joe Link

    Washington  School safety bills highlight differences between Dems, GOP

    School safety bills highlight differences between Dems, GOP
  15. Joe Link

    Washington  Washington state legislature considers 4 new gun control bills

    Washington state legislature considers 4 new gun control bills
  16. daiello91

    2019 Bills OOC is Working On

    I know there's several threads about specific bills, but here's a full list of bills that we are currently working on (firearm, hunting, hounds, angling, etc.). Anti-Sportsmen: Oregon’s 2019 Legislative Session | Oregon Outdoor Council
  17. U

    California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Several new Gun Control Bills into Law

    California has a whole bunch of new gun laws, coming soon to the state: California already had the strictest gun control laws in the nation. They just passed a bunch more - CNNPolitics
  18. gunsmithkinks

    Washington  Gun Bills to be heard next week

    The latest on up coming gun bill hearings and voting in Washington State. NRA-ILA | Washington: Gun Bills to Be Heard Next Week
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