In the Hebrew Bible and in the Old Testament, the word ranges has two very different meanings.

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  1. WalkenBear

    Washington  New Lead Restrictions affecting Ranges being proposed

    Initial proposed rules changes dating from April 2018, but getting close to implementation 1st Link to proposed rule change, Gun Range provisions start on page 48 WAC 296 857-9002 Second link is the...
  2. arakboss

    National  Description to P-R Act Amendment Promoting Public Ranges on Fed Lands

    New Federal Law Will Promote Target Range Development on Public Lands
  3. Whisky Tahoe

    Quick List of Portland/Vancouver Shooting Ranges

    Here's a quick list of places and links not including trap ranges (yet). If your favorite isn't listed let us know. Listed North to South sort of... Vancouver Rifle & Pistol Club, Indoor, Membership: Clark County Gun Club aka English Pit, Outdoor, Public: Clark County Gun...
  4. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  Senate Bill 5 shooting range liability

    Makes shooting range and person discharging firearm at shooting range strictly liable for injuries resulting from bullets that stray outside boundaries of shooting range. Allows injured person to bring civil action against city or county that fails to regulate shooting range after having notice...
  5. GuyBMeredith

    Ranges in Oregon Banana Belt

    Like the title says, I'm looking for formal (not ad hoc) pistol and rifle ranges in the banana belt.
  6. turbo_vanner

    Any ranges around PDX NOT require an NRA membership?

    As the title states, are there any ranges offering more than 100 yards in the Portland area that do not require an NRA membership?
  7. Joe Link

    Washington  King County Considering Health ‘Warning Signs’ for Gun Stores and Gun Ranges

    Washington County Considering Health 'Warning Signs' for Gun Stores and Gun Ranges | Breitbart
  8. pnw1994

    Outdoor ranges in WA

    I'm trying to find a place outdoors in Western WA (haha I know) where I can shoot my rifle without having to pay an arm & a leg in membership fees like some indoor ranges, I've been told of two places, both while on the firing line, so I didn't actually catch the full details. The ones I've...
  9. FriendOfEvanWilliams

    PDX indoor ranges?

    I'm moving back down to Portland this year, and I've been spoiled by the excellent free gun ranges provided by the cities up here. Back when I used to live down there, I went pit shooting, but I'm sick of the trash, the drive, and the other shooters with HORRIBLE gun safety discipline. I...
  10. Jcon268

    100 yard ranges near Estacada or Tualatin

    Looking for a decent spot to zero in my rifles within half hour or so of the aforementioned locations. Obviously will be following all of the shooting rules of the forest including clean up. I typically use targets like this Any particular ways suggested to fix these to a natural backstop since...
  11. PDX1953

    Any public areas / ranges near Sublimity or surrounding areas?

    Greetings - I have some friends who RV full time & they'll be in Sublimity for the eclipse. They'll be arriving a few days before & would like to do a bit of target practice if possible. My friend taught his wife how to shoot & she's better than he is and they shoot IPDA matches so they're not...
  12. HuckleberryFun

    Chinese Tourists Discover US Ranges

    Hordes of Chinese tourists, eager to experience American gun culture, are descending on American ranges to shoot guns for the first time. Possession of even a toy gun in China will send you away for years...
  13. Syzygy

    New to PNW, looking for ranges and practical shooting events

    Hello all, I moved to Corvallis for school about a year ago and have been loving the PNW. Just getting back into shooting sports after a fairly long hiatus due to separating from the Navy and moving cross-country but ready to jump right back in. Last time I was heavily involved, I was doing...
  14. Nick Burkhardt

    Any Rental Ranges in Eugene?

    I am going to be meeting up with my father in Eugene this Spring and am trying to find a nice indoor range, preferably one that has rentals.
  15. SafeFire Range

    Rental Suggestions?

    Safefire will be replacing our rental firearms here in late February, early March, and we're looking for suggestions! What firearms would you like to try out?! We will be stocking all of the most popular pistols like; S&W M&P line, most of the Glock models, Walthers, Sig P series, HK (both...
  16. T

    Trigger Happy - for finding firearm rentals

    Hey, Everyone! We're a couple who live in the PNW and are shopping for handguns for the first time. We really like going to gun ranges where we can rent and really see what they're like. At some point, tried a Walther PPQ at Threat Dynamics and loved how we could shoot twice as well with it. The...
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