In firearms, bump fire is the act of using the recoil of a semi-automatic firearm to fire shots in rapid succession, which simulates the ability of a fully automatic firearm.

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  1. ScatPackLife

    Bump stocks…………..

    Now that bump stocks have been ruled legal, will companies start making them again?
  2. RicInOR

    National  Trump Ban Bumpstock follow up

    mods: this should be a follow up not its own thread, but I can't find the one where we discuss Trump banning Bumpstocks. Please merge this there if it can be located. Thank you. Elizabeth Warren demands ban on bump stocks 5 months AFTER Trump outlawed them as she tells campaign audience...
  3. cigars

    NEWS FLASH: Every bump stock in US lost in boating accidents

    As reported by the Babylon Bee. Well, I'm good with that. Tragic: Every Single Bump Stock In Nation Suddenly Lost In Boating Accident
  4. svxr8dr

    Washington  FOIA Request on Bump Stock Turn-In

    Possible attempt to dox Washingtonian Gun Owners who complied with the bump stock turn in to the WSP. Washington State: Is FOIA Request on Bump Stock Turn-In an Attempt to Dox Gun Owners
  5. awshoot

    National  Largest Bump Stock Supplier, RW Arms, Announces Lawsuit Against United States Government

    Fort Worth firearms dealer sues government after having to destroy 73,000 bump stocks RW Arms ( Leading Retailer of Bump Stocks to Turn in Entire Inventory to ATF - RW Arms ) is suing for compensation under the 5th Amendment's takings provisions after turning in 73,000 bump stocks for destruction.
  6. Jcon268

    National  Bump Stock Ban in effect

    Please listen to this discussion between Tim at Military Arms Channel and Erich at Gun Owners of America. This is the most up to date information about the lawsuits current situation and WHY this lawsuit is so important.
  7. Joe Link

    National  Gun Rights Lawyer: Bump Stock Ban Is ‘Executive Overreach’ With ‘A Lot of Logical Disconnects’

    Gun Rights Lawyer: Bump Stock Ban Is 'Executive Overreach' With 'Logical Disconnects'
  8. ProdigalSon

    National  Bump Stock rule finalized

    The ATF has finalized the ruling classifying bump stocks as machine guns. It will go into effect 90 days after it is published (soon but not yet, it was just signed today). Within that 90 day period, bump stock owners will be able to surrender them to ATF offices or destroy them. After the...
  9. slimmer13

    National  Bump stocks to be banned

    In the next couple weeks apparantly. Trump Says Federal Ban on Bump Stocks Is in Its 'Final Stages'
  10. po18guy

    Bump stock car horn?

    One way to get those radical Seattle and Portland bicyclists to yield the right of way.
  11. CountryGent

    National  NRA-ILA Bump Stock Argument to ATF: Amnesty for Owners and Open the Registry

    Reopening the machine-gun registry via an amnesty would be something wonderful, even if it is highly unlikely. It would also be hilarious if the anti-2A sniveling about bumpstocks culminated in new MGs. :s0112: NRA-ILA Bump Stock Argument to ATF: Amnesty for Owners and Open the Registry NRA...
  12. Lazyfaire

    Bump stock turn-ins

    Have to laugh. What did they think was going to happen??? As of mid-May, New Jersey's anti-bump stock ban since passed in April, has resulted in the grand total of 0 being turned in or destroyed! And in Massachusetts? 3 Obviously the result of many tragic boating accidents in the past 30...
  13. Joe Link

    National  ATF can't save bump stock owners from Maryland ban

    ATF can't save bump stock owners from Maryland ban |
  14. nehalemguy

    National  ATF Announces Proposed Bump Stock Rule Change

    The proposal would redefine them as a machine gun. 90 day public comment period started yesterday. No mention of triggers...."bump-stock-type devices" only. Federal Register :: Bump-Stock-Type Devices E
  15. Wayne

    No more Bump stocks in Wa, Pass House and Senate

    Now all that is needed is for the Gov to sign it. Washington State House votes to ban 'bump stock' gun attachments
  16. 4Freedom

    National  Donald Trump Supports Raising Minimum Age to Purchase Rifles, In Addition to Bump Stock Ban

    Trump Bucks NRA, Backs Raising Age for Buying Assault Rifles This is a very bad day for gun owners in America. It appears that Donald "Two-Faced" Trump is now "standing up to the NRA" and says he now supports about the most unconstitutional, anti-2A measure our country has faced in many years...
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