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  1. arakboss

    National  Description to P-R Act Amendment Promoting Public Ranges on Fed Lands

    New Federal Law Will Promote Target Range Development on Public Lands
  2. gmerkt

    .327 Fed Mag Fail

    I've liked .32 revolvers for quite some time. I've owned them in .32 S&W Long, .32 H&R Magnum, and .32-20. So when the .327 Federal Magnum came along, I was interested.
  3. ma96782

    National  FED EX is added to my naughty list

    Added to my "naughty list".... NEWS: FedEx To Discontinue NRA Discounts - GetZone Aloha, Mark
  4. The Heretic

    New SIG LMG belt fed in .338 Norma Magnum

    BREAKING: SIG Sauer Unveil Light Machine Gun at AUSA 2018 - The Firearm Blog
  5. 3

    Washington  1639 Opposition Gathering in Fed Way 10/13?

    There was a thread on another forum about gathering at a Federal Way intersection this weekend on 10/13. Anyone have details on this event? I have been trying to access the original thread on Waguns but the website has been down the last two days. Any information appreciated.
  6. C

    We all know that Henry is making .327 Fed. Mag. Lever actions. How about...

    Adapting the .327 Federal Magnum to a self-loading M1 Carbine platform? (Think of it as a modern version of the old .32 WSL cartridge running at much higher pressures). 45,000 PSI operating pressures for the .327 Fed Magnum isn't excessive for the platform. All that needs to be done is to run...
  7. T

    Anyone have any experience shipping a handgun through a Hub Center of UPS or Fed Ex to themselves...

    while relocating from one state to another. My daughter is wanting to ship her handgun home prior to her relocation from back East. Seems like she has to ship from a Hub Center back East and addressed to her self her in Oregon, but carrier policy is confusing. Anyone have any experience with...
  8. clearconscience

    Another Fed agent gun "accident"

    Federal agent in Orlando tries to catch his dropped weapon and shoots himself in the heel Federal agent shoots himself in foot at Orlando International Airport Federal agent shoots himself in foot at Orlando International Airport
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