Age may refer to:
Ageing, the effect of time on a person
Age (geology)
Age (genus), a genus of moth
Age (journal), published by Springer
Age (model theory), an aspect of mathematical model theory
"Age" (song), a song by Jim and Ingrid Croce
The Age, Melbourne, Australia newspaper
Agé, a god
Åge, a given name
Aage, a given name
Âge, a Japanese media company
Advanced glycation end-product, a type of chemical
American Aging Association or AGE, an organization for aging studies
Applied general equilibrium, a model in mathematical economics
Agricultural & General Engineers, a group of engineering companies
Arterial gas embolism
Agenore Incrocci or Age, an Italian screenwriter
East Angal language (ISO-639: age)
Esimbi language or Age, a language of the Cameroons
Wangerooge Airport, in Lower Saxony, Germany, by IATA airport code
The Age, a nineteenth-century American newspaper edited by Melville Fuller
Alternativa Galega de Esquerda, the Galician Left Alternative, political party in Spain
Ages, worlds in the Myst (series) video game series

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