Gagak Item ([ɡaˈɡaʔ iˈtəm]; Vernacular Malay for Black Raven, also known by the Dutch title De Zwarte Raaf) is a 1939 bandit film from the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) directed by Joshua and Othniel Wong for Tan's Film. Starring Rd Mochtar, Roekiah, and Eddy T. Effendi, it follows a masked man known only as "Gagak Item" ("Black Raven"). The black-and-white film, which featured the cast and crew from the 1937 hit Terang Boelan (Full Moon), was a commercial success and received positive reviews upon release. It is likely lost.

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  1. ilikegunspdx

    2 major leftist sources say war on guns is over. And they lost.

    Interesting video from Mark Smith (pasted below) that summarizes the articles. Some really good points in the video such as leftists admitting that as crime rises people will buy guns to protect themselves, not because of manufacturer's marketing, "hyper masculinity", etc., people don't feel...
  2. K

    Video detailing how we lost Measure 114 The gentleman also stating that anti gun organizations pour millions into measure...
  3. oregonPlinking

    Oregon  Oregon measure 114

    This state is banana sandwich. How can people be this dumb?
  4. Who was the poster who LOST his home or part of his home during a forest fire?

    He evacuated his house if my memory is correct. He was NOT hurt nor were any of his family members if he had some. It is not Heretic because his house and buildings were SAVED. I followed Heretic's good posts and his UPDATES about his fire situation and evacuation. The man lived in WA, OR or...
  5. salmon creek gary

    Lost Angeles Mayoral Candidate Karen Bass Reports Two Handguns Stolen in Home Burglary

    Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Karen Bass claimed the stolen handguns had been stored "safely and securely" in a Brinks Lock Box. Nothing else was taken by the burglar. Another news article (behind a pay wall) included her claim that the firearms were safely and securely stored in a Brinks Lock...
  6. S

    Lost item at Wolf Creek #4

    I was shooting at Wolf Creek at #4 back in February on a Super Bowl Sunday with my son. Good time. We left at about 3 but when I was unload the truck when we got home, I discovered that we left a pistol behind. Went back but it was gone. There was a couple shooting (minivan) and a guy picking up...
  7. mobil890

    Satire: Lost plane wreck and bodies emerge after glacier melts and reveals its secrets. 08/10/2022

    Does this mean that global warming is a myth? No why? listen to the science. How could a plane be found under the ice? That would mean we were having a Global cooling effect for the past 40 years heading back to the ice ages wiping out all existence. Somehow we reversed the process and saved our...
  8. broncman

    Guess MIDWAY USA lost all my business......🤷‍♂️

    So I am in the middle of putting together a large birthday pricing cart so that I can put through a purchase today cause waited till last minute and tomorrow will be to late and out of the blue I get this notice that they have blocked my IP cause of to many requests or some now I can't...
  9. Richo877

    Call 208-472-2950 to claim your lost property
  10. Hostility051

    Lost Lake - Hood River OR - Shooting Areas

    The wife and I have a camping trip to Lost Lake in Hood River. Anybody know of any decent outdoor shooting spots near the area?
  11. coop44

    Lost another friend

    Jan was a good soul, had a tell it like it is attitude. Contracted covid even after vaccines, what would normally been a mild case took her because of underlying issues, heart, emphysema, and others. She rarely went out, her daughter brought covid home.
  12. OrygunARMS

    LOOKING 4 lost Chainsaw 01/02 SALMONBERRY Road / Pit

    Left behind today, about 1.5 hrs before dark. Returning to the pit in the morning to look. Just seeing if anyone on here has stumbled across it. Stihl 16” bar. Thanks!
  13. Gunbuggy

    I got a new phone and lost everything. If you know me, text me with your name / username

    Hey guys. If you know me which most of you do, I lost all contacts. I have the same number. If you have that number, please shoot me with a text with your name or username or however we know each other. Thanks!
  14. arakboss

    Lost Arts Reloading Thread: Unconventional Tips & Tricks.

    What are some unconventional reloading tips and tricks you have learned? If you have a reloading idea that doesn't fit the script, post it here. Examples could be case conversions, die usage outside of labeled cartridge, bullet sizing from one caliber to a different caliber, etc.
  15. K

    FedEx lost 3 of 10 boxes of ammo from “”

    I knew better but couldn’t resist. I saw a not-so-horrible price for some Norma ammo at the two weeks ago and surprise-surprise the “heavy” FedEx box was finally delivered today split open, re-taped (three different types of tape), and with three of the ten boxes of ammo gone...
  16. T

    How not to get lost hunting, and what to do if you do

    I thought about this for a day so here goes. There are stickies. For new hunters this thread will be something I hope you take heed of. Getting lost can kill you. My contribution is some areas in Oregon are areas that should not be for novice hunters. IF that riles you, you’re the ones I meant...
  17. tac

    Unertl lens cap lost!!!! HELP!!

    Somehow I've managed to lose the front lens cap for my 2" Varmint scope with calibrated head. My usual go-to man, Dewayne Greiner, is declining to respond to my emails, so I'm in a bit of a fix right now. Any suggestions of a clean and wholesome nature would be much appreciated. TIA.
  18. aknate

    Matt Yeamans lost his home in a fire and needs some help..

    "turbothis" (Matt Yeamans) has recently lost his home in a fire and needs some help.. Please donate by "GoFundMe" below:: Help Turbothis, organized by David Svinenko Anything you can contribute will help Matt get back on his feet. Another local guy/FFL who just lost everything to the fires..
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