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  1. Knute

    FedEx lost 3 of 10 boxes of ammo from “AmmoShopOnline.com”

    I knew better but couldn’t resist. I saw a not-so-horrible price for some Norma ammo at the AmmoShopOnline.com two weeks ago and surprise-surprise the “heavy” FedEx box was finally delivered today split open, re-taped (three different types of tape), and with three of the ten boxes of ammo gone...
  2. T

    How not to get lost hunting, and what to do if you do

    I thought about this for a day so here goes. There are stickies. For new hunters this thread will be something I hope you take heed of. Getting lost can kill you. My contribution is some areas in Oregon are areas that should not be for novice hunters. IF that riles you, you’re the ones I meant...
  3. tac

    Unertl lens cap lost!!!! HELP!!

    Somehow I've managed to lose the front lens cap for my 2" Varmint scope with calibrated head. My usual go-to man, Dewayne Greiner, is declining to respond to my emails, so I'm in a bit of a fix right now. Any suggestions of a clean and wholesome nature would be much appreciated. TIA.
  4. aknate

    Matt Yeamans lost his home in a fire and needs some help..

    "turbothis" (Matt Yeamans) has recently lost his home in a fire and needs some help.. Please donate by "GoFundMe" below:: Help Turbothis, organized by David Svinenko Anything you can contribute will help Matt get back on his feet. Another local guy/FFL who just lost everything to the fires..
  5. B

    Seeking Lost Musket Family Heirloom

    i am trying to track down and buy back a musket that a younger family member (who didn't realize the family history of this gun) mistakenly sold to a pawn shop in Oregon in September 2017.I The rifle is a Springfield M1861, stamped E. Robinson New York 1864. I do not have a photo of it. No...
  6. USMC-03

    Lost my job this afternoon - what a relief!

    I’ve been working in the most unfulfilling and toxic job for the last two years. My previous position, a great job, was eliminated, and I was involuntarily put in this one. Got let go this afternoon and what a burden off my shoulders. So, I’m playing Animal Crossing with my family, going to...
  7. Professorthedo

    New member from, lost in Montana

    Heard this was a good place to converse, buy a gun and even sell one.
  8. Neostratos

    The Real Reason the US Lost in Vietnam - US Troops Were in Open Revolt

    I thought this article so interesting I wanted to share it with NWF. The title explains it. The Real Reason the US Lost in Vietnam - US Troops Were in Open Revolt, Killing Over 300 Officers in 1971 "THE MOST neglected aspect of the Vietnam War is the soldiers’ revolt–the mass upheaval from...

    Your best 'Lost' story - Driving, Hunting, Backpacking, Etc. Let's Hear It!

    I'll start. When my daughter was about 14 I picked her up in Oakridge after her weekend with her mother and were on our way home. Well, she wanted to drive and did not have her permit yet so we took off of Hwy 58 toward Waldo Lake and I let her drive on the way home as we were heading over...
  10. tac

    International  Canada bans 'assault weapons'.

  11. Mikej

    LOST!! Large primer seating rod from my RCBS hand primer

    I lost the large primer seating rod from my RCBS hand primer. :( :( Anybody else that lost one, ordered another, and ended up finding the lost one? Now you have TWO? And would be happy to sell me their extra? I can order one but if there's a chance someone close to me in PDX has one they...
  12. L84Cabo

    The Finders of Lost Apples

    Just thought this was a cool story about a team of folks that are trying to recover lost and forgotten apple varieties in the PNW. :) https://fox5sandiego.com/news/10-pioneer-era-apple-types-thought-extinct-found-in-pacific-northwest/
  13. DB is Here

    National  Gun Control Orgs Have Clearly Lost the Argument

  14. CHLChris

    Sig P320 M17 Loaded Chamber Indicator...oops, lost the spring!

    I was re-installing Leupold DPP after it returned from repair onto my M17 slide and the loaded chamber indicator spring POPPED from my hands into another dimension. Can't find it anywhere. Nobody has one (MGW, Osage, Midway, Brownells). I turned to the webz and only 2 threads on other forums...
  15. coop44

    Lost another relative

    My uncle, Frank G. Townsend passed away this last week at 93. A veteran of the navy and the marine corps, served during WW2 in the pacific fleet. A quiet unpretentious man, never spoke a word about his service. Semper Fi uncle Frank, you will be missed.
  16. CountryGent

    National  How FPSRussia Lost $400,000 Worth Of Guns

    I never cared for his videos due to the unsafe firearms handling and the stunningly fake accent. Evidently, he served two months in Federal prison on a drug charge and they took over $400K of guns from him. Yikes.
  17. thorborg

    Question  Classified lost its luster for me.

    What happened to the useful (to me) information on sold classifieds? I liked having the sold item darkened out and eventually filtering down due to a new post or bumping while showing new items added or sold items, in real time as they happen. This not only informed folk on what’s selling or...
  18. 2thdrglock

    Homeowner lost after police destroyed home...

    Can anyone tell me how this is not violating this man's Right to pursuing life, liberty, and happiness? https://www.npr.org/2019/10/30/774788611/police-owe-nothing-to-man-whose-home-they-blew-up-appeals-court-says?ft=nprml&f=1001
  19. Wooster

    lost a suppressor in the forest

    I lost a YHM Phantom suppressor in Salmonberry Shooting Pit along Highway 26 in Timber Oregon. How do I report this to the authority such as ATF? Thanks.
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