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  1. B

    Parker Hale rifles

    I own a Parker Hale 30/06 I am not sure what model it is or when it was manufactured I purchased it a few years back from a friend and it has become my all time favorite rifle for hunting and shooting at the range. I also recently purchased an English firearms model foremost 6600 in 270 caliber...
  2. Phred

    20 ga. Rifled Slug Combined With a .357 XTP

    I was fooling around the other day with a Remington Slugger round. I shoot 20 ga. slugs, and depending on what they hit they can come apart and fragment & lose energy. Sometimes that's ok. But I bored out a 5/8 oz. slug and lightly pressed in a .357 Hornady 140 gr. XTP. That 5/8 slug is now...
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