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  1. Belial

    Rifle Cases and Pistol Rugs

    I can meet in Vancouver most eves. Hard Side Single Rifle Case Been stored for years not used $15 SPF Bulldog Pistol Rugs Lot all NIW 2 each Medium and 2 each Large $35 for the lot SPF Miltech Rifle Case in good shape. Not used much outside of storage. $30 Galati Cases were not used...
  2. S

    Military Surplus Rifles

    Hello I am interested in any military surplus rifles at the right price.
  3. matts

    Antique Mossberg aperture sight #S-330 my research said it fits 340 series rimfire rifles

    340kc, 340b, 340a, 342, 346 etc. It's in good condition. Both elevation and windage move freely. It has one attaching screw with it. other than cash out: I would accept a S130 rear sight or a 17A globe front sight in trade/part trade. (This didn't fit my rifle without modifying the stock and...
  4. 2

    THOMPSON / C.V.A. 50 Cal. Percussion RIFLES !!

    .... Special order 1960's Thompson .50 cal. percussion rifle with NICKLE barrel / set triggers / fancy wood ... still like new $350.00 .... NEW unfired CVA .50 cal percussion ... $150 .... trade either / both for ? (please provide your # if interested ... I'll be happy to call) ...
  5. gprippers


    WANTED TO BUY: Large caliber rifles...33 caliber and up! 308 Norma mag will work as well as i like that caliber. ALL the 33's...330 Dakota, 338's, 30-378 wby, 338-378 wby, 340 wby, 348 win, 35 Whelen, 358 Norma, 375 h&h etc etc. I have solid trades or cash or part/part, what ever works...
  6. Gunbuggy

    I want a TA31-CH or similar ACOG. Will trade rifles or pistols

    WTT rifles or pistols or maybe both for a trijicon acog 4x in good shape. Last year I got rid of mine and I miss it dearly. I’ll trade nice ARs or pistols or both for a trijicon TA31ch or similar acog in good working shape. Let me know! Some items I have that I’d consider getting rid of - CZ75...
  7. CountryGent

    Zella Mehlis Rifles?

    So, I have been, on and off, looking for a rifle in 9.3x62㎜ Mauser. A new CZ springs to mind. However, whilst traipsing about Gunbroker tonight, I came upon a vintage Zella Mehlis in the aforementioned. What it is going for appears reasonable (starting bid $675). That said I am largely...
  8. MarkSBG

    Help identifying two black powder rifles please

    About 6 months ago, the dad of my friend died and left a couple muzzle loaders behind. My friend has no idea of value they have no sentimental value for anyone in the family. I'm not big into these sort of rifles, but he asked me if I could help him identify them. Any thoughts on value or...
  9. Harperunner

    Crosman phantom & Vantage .177

    Crosman Phantom .177 Break Barrel airgun, minimal use. $60 Crosman vantage .177 Break Barrel airgun, good condition $60 Crosman zombie Target $10
  10. Oregunian

    Pacific Theater Sniper Rifles

    Looking for WWII Pacific Theater sniper rifles for reenacting purposes. They do not have to be original, and repro is actually preferred. Looking for 1903A1 or A4, M1C Garand, and Type 97 or 99 sniper rifles. Will pay for shipping if you're not in Idaho. Thanks for reading!
  11. The Heretic

    Rossi R92 TRIPLE BLACK Lever Action Rifles

  12. Andy54Hawken

    Plains Rifles...

    Here I am referring to original plains rifles...not the currently made Lyman Plains Rifle. Which is a fine rifle...just not the one I am taking about in this post. A plains rifle is a modern generic term for a rifle that was made to used on the America Great Plains for big game. The period...
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