The Rifles is an infantry regiment of the British Army. Formed in 2007, it consists of four Regular battalions and three Reserve battalions, plus a number of companies in other Army Reserve battalions. Each battalion of The Rifles was formerly an individual battalion of one of the two large regiments of the Light Division (with the exception of the 1st Battalion, which is an amalgamation of two individual regiments). Since formation the regiment has been involved in combat operations, first in the later stages of the Iraq War and in the War in Afghanistan.

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  1. MrTwentyTwo

    What... No Love for the CZ Rifles??!!

    I have done searches looking for CZ postings and about the only thing that comes up, are some old For Sale threads. I thought someone for sure would have posted about The Big 3 (452's, 453's [452 w/a set trigger], 455's and 457's). You know..., "I just got my new (Insert # here)" thread. They...
  2. Reno

    How are the new Remarms Rifles?

    Thinking about a last rifle and the SPS Tactical is taunting me now that they have a 1-8 16.5 threaded version. Anyone get a new Remington since they have returned? Are they still a good rifle?
  3. ATCclears

    Recall for Henry .45-70 rifles delivered after November, 2022

    I got an email from Henry tonight. Check their website if you have a .45-70 rifle.
  4. Haymaker2021

    Washington  Washington State Assault Weapons Bill Would Ban All AR-15 and AK-47 Rifles Thu, March 9, 2023 at 2:33 PM PST AR-15 rifles and other weapons are displayed on a table at a shooting range during the "Rod of Iron Freedom Festival" on Oct. 12, 2019 in Greeley, Pennsylvania. Credit - Spencer Platt—Getty Images) The Washington...
  5. echo1

    Build Thread  A Few of My Most Favorite Rifles

    Hi fellas, These are most of the top tier of my milsurp stash: SVT40 FN49 - 7mm Venezuelan FN49 - 8mm Egyptian FN49 - 30-06 Belgian M1 Garand - Winchester Scrubbed SKS, black bolt, Alby bayo, fiberglass furniture Albanian SKS PAX
  6. Koda

    Same Load Dev for multiple rifles?

    I figure its safe to say one can develop a handload that works in multiple rifles (factory ammo does this...) but I'm not certain the best way to go about it? A revival of sorts around here turned a pile of spare parts back into another rifle, now I have two, virtually identical caliber rifles...
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