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  1. ma96782

    Check out the rifles of these various Guard Units.

    Check out the rifles of these various Guard Units. Or, marvel at the uniforms. Whatever. https://youtu.be/AlHvYUXTOgQ https://youtu.be/SuYl_JrH3cs https://youtu.be/MLfvxRTdpy8 https://youtu.be/_XlM51f1Puo https://youtu.be/2nEIA1I5PTc https://youtu.be/UnHuFOh1nk8...
  2. RobMa

    Anyone want to go to Afghanistan? I hear they’re having some great deals on some rifles there…

  3. O

    place to shoot rifles

    Hi folks. I just bought my first Henry Big Boy. I'm looking for a place to shoot it. I just want to go plinking. I live in Oregon City. Does anyone know of a place I can go shooting? Thanks too muchie!
  4. Honor

    Washington  My son is turning 18. I would like to gift him one of my AR rifles. How does its status as a semi-automatic assault rifle impact his use of the gun?

    We are residents of Washington state. I am concerned about whether he can take the rifle to a gun range, go hunting or shooting up in the mountains by himself, without my supervision, as an 18 year old. He has a hunter safety certificate and is a very experienced shooter. Thank you!
  5. UnionMillsNW

    Which Combo to take on a Road Trip?

    Hey Folks, I'm planning a road trip to some distant states this fall (TN, KY, AR, MO, ect). I'll be mostly avoiding major cities and camping along the way or staying with friends. I generally take a rifle with me on road trips. I'm torn between two options Option #1 AR-15 (5.56) w/...
  6. arakboss

    What makes the M4/M16 type rifles more deadly besides the select fire trigger?

    I often hear the gun grabbers say we don't need military style weapons in civilians hands. The firearm supporters often fire back saying the AR15 is not a military style weapon. Besides the select fire trigger system of the M4/M16, what would make a higher end AR15 less capable than an M4/M16...
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