Anti-tank warfare originated from the need to develop technology and tactics to destroy tanks during World War I. Since the Triple Entente developed the first tanks in 1916 but did not deploy them in battle until 1917, the German Empire developed the first anti-tank weapons. The first developed anti-tank weapon was a scaled-up bolt-action rifle, the Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr, that fired a 13mm cartridge with a solid bullet that could penetrate the thin armor of tanks of the time and destroy the engine or ricochet inside, killing occupants. Because tanks represent an enemy's greatest force projection on land, military strategists have incorporated anti-tank warfare into the doctrine of nearly every combat service since. The most predominant anti-tank weapons at the start of World War II in 1939 included the tank-mounted gun, anti-tank guns and anti-tank grenades used by the infantry, as well as ground-attack aircraft.

Anti-tank warfare evolved rapidly during World War II, leading to the inclusion of infantry-portable weapons such as the Bazooka, anti-tank combat engineering, specialized anti-tank aircraft and self-propelled anti-tank guns (tank destroyers). Both the Soviet Red Army and the German Army developed methods of combating tank-led offensives, including deployment of static anti-tank weapons embedded in in-depth defensive positions, protected by anti-tank obstacles and minefields, and supported by mobile anti-tank reserves and by ground-attack aircraft.

Through the Cold War, the United States, Soviet Union and other countries contemplated the possibility of nuclear warfare. While previous technology had developed to protect the crews of armored vehicles from projectiles and from explosive damage, now the possibility of radiation arose. In the NATO countries little if any development took place on defining a doctrine of how to use armed forces without the use of tactical nuclear weapons. In the Soviet sphere of influence the legacy doctrine of operational maneuver was being theoretically examined to understand how a tank-led force could be used even with the threat of limited use of nuclear weapons on prospective European battlefields. The Warsaw Pact arrived at the solution of maneuver warfare while massively increasing the number of anti-tank weapons. To achieve this, Soviet military theorists such as Vasily Sokolovsky (1897–1968) realized that anti-tank weapons had to assume an offensive role rather than the traditionally defensive role of the Great Patriotic War (1941–1945) by becoming more mobile. This led to the development of improved guided anti-tank missiles, though similar design work was being performed in Western Europe and the United States.
Both sides in the Cold War also recognized the utility of the light anti-tank weapon, and this led to further development of man-portable weapons used by the infantry squad, while heavier missiles were mounted on dedicated missile tank-destroyers, including dedicated anti-tank helicopters, and even heavier guided anti-tank missiles launched from aircraft. Designers also developed new varieties of artillery munitions in the form of top-attack shells, and shells that were used to saturate areas with anti-armor bomblets. Helicopters could be used as well to rapidly deliver scattered anti-tank mines.
Since the end of the Cold War in 1992, the only major new threats to tanks and other armored vehicles have been remotely detonated improvised explosive devices (IEDs) used in asymmetric warfare and weapon systems like the RPG-29 and FGM-148 Javelin, which can defeat reactive armor or shell armor. Both those weapon systems use a tandem warhead where the first stage of the tandem warhead activates the reactive armor, and the second stage of the tandem warhead defeats the shell armor by means of a High Explosive Anti Tank (HEAT) shaped charge.

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  1. Stomper

    American gun owners are beginning to respond with a fresh, powerful argument when facing anti-2A

    I saved this from an article that I read in 2015.... it’s even more appropriate today with the ever growing 2A Sanctuary movement. It’s worth another read.... remember, you are NOT alone. American gun owners are beginning to respond with a fresh, powerful argument when facing anti-gun...
  2. DB is Here

    National  Millennials Are Sick Of Being Branded “Anti-Gun”

    With all the bad News we seem to be getting, lets take a 5,000 foot view for a second. Yes the article is from 2018, but if you look at what's it shows...I think you'll find hope. Millennials Are Sick Of Being Branded “Anti-Gun” "Another devastating Gallup poll showed two-thirds of millennials...
  3. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  SB 979 Another Place Holder Anti-Gun Bill

    Monday 4-8-2019 at 8am in Hearing Room C at the Capitol: SB979 Another "Gut and Stuff" Omnibus Bill. Amendments have not yet been posted. They will likely do so late Friday/over the weekend. Who knows what the will be stuffed into this bill, worse than SB978. Keep and eye on this one SB979 2019...
  4. Slobray

    Washington  WASPC supporting anti-gun legislation

    While we here in WA have had a lot of our Sheriff's publicly come out against I-1639 and other anti-gun legislation, one of the organizations they belong to (Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs) has been supporting of anti-gun legislation. Look at the below documents and you...
  5. T

    Oregon  HB 978 Anti-Second A bill

    ANTI-2ND AMENDMENT ALERT.. For two weeks the leadership in Salem Oregon has been trying to hide an upcoming GUN CONTROL HEARING. Well word has finally snuck out that Senate Bill 978 is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 2nd at 8 a.m. On the surface this bill does...
  6. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  SB 978 Place Holder Anti-Gun Bill

    Directs Department of State Police to conduct study on reporting of attempted unlawful firearm transfers and present report on findings to interim committees of Legislative Assembly related to judiciary on or before September 15, 2020. Who could argue with that? But here is the problem. All...
  7. joken

    Oregon City Police and Benchmade destroy guns

    Oregon City Police I suppose this is the PC thing for them to do. I don't think Benchmade should have got involved though.
  8. joken

    Anti-gun protest organized by Portland schools

    Liberal madness. This took place back in March, but it's the first I've heard of it. Docs Reveal Portland School Administrators Planned & Paid for 'Student' Anti-Gun Protest - Victoria Taft
  9. FullMetalJerk

    Oregon  Oregon Anti-Gun Politicians On The Attack

  10. FullMetalJerk

    Oregon Anti-Gun Politicians On The Attack

  11. FullMetalJerk

    Oregon  Oregon Anti-Gun Politicians On The Attack

  12. Dave Workman

    Washington  HERE IT COMES! 2019 anti-gun wish list

    WA gun control lobby will target preemption, magazines, open carry The Seattle-based gun control lobby has announced its Washington State legislative priorities for 2019, and among them are state preemption, possession of so-called “high-capacity magazines,” and open carry, according to a news...
  13. N

    National  Anti-gun Senate candidates lost; NRA sues NY state over making Carry Guard insurance illegal

    2 Breitbart articles: Republicans Make Senate Gains as America Rejects Gun Control Again NRA Suit Against New York Can Proceed on First Amendment Grounds
  14. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  T-Mobile store anti-gun

    T-Mobile Store Refuses Service To On-Duty Cop After He Refused To Disarm - Blue Lives Matter UPDATE T-Mobile also reached out to Blue Lives Matter and said the incident that occurred did not reflect the company’s policies, and “we promptly investigated last night, that individual is no longer...
  15. The Heretic

    National  Levi-Strauss comes out as anti-gun

    Levi Strauss teams up with gun control group: ‘We simply cannot stand by silently’
  16. Joe Link

    National  Firearms companies fret as background checks level off, anti-gun activists push

    Firearms companies fret as background checks level off, anti-gun activists push
  17. Tony617

    Washington  Anti-gun county councilman’s website link reveals preemption repeal plan

    Anti-gun county councilman’s website link reveals preemption repeal plan ⋆ Conservative Firing Line
  18. DuneHopper

    National  Anatomy of Anti-Gun /Anti-Civil Rights Groups

    Anatomy of Anti-Gun /Anti-Civil Rights Groups,
  19. sed

    Oregon  IP44 is Dead...For Now

    Backers Of Oregon Gun Storage Measure Call Off Effort — For Now
  20. N

    Florida Court says NRA Must Publicly Name Plaintiffs Fighting Anti-Gun Law

    NRA is fighting for us - in this case in Florida: NRA Must Publicly Name Plaintiffs Fighting Anti-Gun Law, Judge Rules - Tea Party News This article on Pamela Geller's website has a lot of good links to the story above: You are being redirected...
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