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Gone may refer to:

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  1. judgecolt6

    Uploaded Avitar now threads gone

    I uploaded an avitar, now the thread I was on is gone?
  2. lencac

    Hello Again! Been Gone for A While

    Hello guys. Been quite awhile since I've been on NWF. Nevertheless, I'm back because I have a couple new offerings I'll soon post up on the classified. Couple teaser photos. Anyway, good to be back.
  3. osprey

    I have finally gone to the Darkside, First Ak is incoming

    I finally bit the bullet. I have had a bunch of ak mags I bought before the WA ban took effect and even have a KS47 build, but I have been holding out on an AK purchase for some reason. I have shot several of my buddies different AK’s but never have owned one myself. With more legislation...
  4. jayR

    And it's gone.

  5. osprey

    Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt gone wrong

    These two are very lucky they weren’t seriously injured. I think it is pretty irresponsible to shoot at a big brown bear like this at such a long range. I know you need a guide to hunt Brown Bears as a non resident but I think the girl was his sister who was an Ak resident which probably allowed...
  6. skywag

    Now that the fabulous Kesselring is gone..................??

    What is the second best gun store in Washington State?.......Image just for fun!
  7. Rickenbacher39

    I've been gone if anyone noticed. Here's why ----- (drum roll please)

    Hello, I don't post a lot in here but I've been gone awhile. If anyone missed me I thought I'd explain what happened. What did I do to exercise today? Well, I am glad you asked. I'm walking. And walking some more. Up and onward............tally ho! And I'm using a walker to do it. I know...
  8. vRaptor112

    Are A2 Fixed Carry Handle Uppers Gone?

    I have been trying to find an A2 style upper but all i find are the ones with rails that can accommodate optics and such. I feel like its starting to become an impossible task without having to pay some guy too much on gunbroker. Who else is having a hard time building a retro style rifle these...
  9. ma96782

    Magnet fishing gone bad

    Yup..... Aloha, Mark
  10. 308

    2021 is almost gone. We know what's coming.

    This guy has a pretty fair perspective on reality. Channel:
  11. RobMa

    KAC has gone to CRAP?

    I do not know if anyone else has experienced this but it seems to be getting worse. I purchased a rear sight from a reputable company recently, a KAC 300m. When deployed after mounting on rifle and looking at it from the rear it had a severe cant to the left as if the pin that held it was bent...
  12. SA Shooter

    The Extractor Was Gone!

    I was out yesterday having some fun with guns. I took my Springfield Champion Operator 1911, the CMMG Banshee in .45ACP, a S&W MP 15-22 and the Ruger SR-556. Everything was going well until I started firing the MP 15-22. I experienced numerous FTE, FTF & jamming. I was thinking that I had...
  13. J

    Rusty Lyman deerstalker how far gone is too far gone

    I picked up a 70s maybe 80s lyman deerstalker from a friend for 100 bucks being a public place I didn't check it out too extensively... My mistake it was fired and then stored dirty for 12 plus years so there is heavy rust and pitting inside the bore. plus the set screw for the nipple won't...
  14. ma96782

    Now you see it. Now you don't.

    I heard a small news story about it being "found". But, not about its "disappearance". :s0092: Aloha, Mark
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