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  1. 308

    2021 is almost gone. We know what's coming.

    This guy has a pretty fair perspective on reality. Channel: https://m.youtube.com/c/TheVikingBushcrafter/videos
  2. RobMa

    KAC has gone to CRAP?

    I do not know if anyone else has experienced this but it seems to be getting worse. I purchased a rear sight from a reputable company recently, a KAC 300m. When deployed after mounting on rifle and looking at it from the rear it had a severe cant to the left as if the pin that held it was bent...
  3. SA Shooter

    The Extractor Was Gone!

    I was out yesterday having some fun with guns. I took my Springfield Champion Operator 1911, the CMMG Banshee in .45ACP, a S&W MP 15-22 and the Ruger SR-556. Everything was going well until I started firing the MP 15-22. I experienced numerous FTE, FTF & jamming. I was thinking that I had...
  4. J

    Rusty Lyman deerstalker how far gone is too far gone

    I picked up a 70s maybe 80s lyman deerstalker from a friend for 100 bucks being a public place I didn't check it out too extensively... My mistake it was fired and then stored dirty for 12 plus years so there is heavy rust and pitting inside the bore. plus the set screw for the nipple won't...
  5. ma96782

    Now you see it. Now you don't.

    I heard a small news story about it being "found". But, not about its "disappearance". :s0092: Aloha, Mark
  6. Ruger Rich

    Jerry Jeff is gone . . . . .

    One of my all time greats in country music. Old time stuff mainly. Lotta Austin influence and I liked it. Mr Bo Jangles, a classic. LA Freway, another. Gotta go tip a few.
  7. K

    More Ammo From Days Gone By

  8. M

    Shotguns gone

    Has anyone else noticed that ever kind of “tactical” shotgun is sold out about everywhere? Crazy
  9. B

    The world has gone NUTS!!

    Violent 6 time felons who did time in prison and were being arrested for yet another felony crime attack the police, then the police get charged for defending themselves.... Women make baseless accusations about rape from 20-30 years ago, some even admitting later that they were lying and they...
  10. revjen45

    WRSA gone?

    Did anyone else notice that WRSA was not there this morning? WTF? OVER
  11. Retired Guy

    Brady and Gronk back together...

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/sports/rob-gronkowski-returns-retirement-reunite-tom-brady-tampa-bay-buccaneers-n1189101 The Bucs gave up a 4th Round for the Gronk.
  12. EHJ

    22LR Ammo Will Be Gone Soon & Why Won't Be Back For A Long Time

    Sadly... it sounds legit. :(
  13. terdog


    Taking this article in the paper at face value, sounds like the NOBODY should be charged. Aint "choke holds" illegal? Sounds to me like some whiney jackwagon got his azz whooped then cried. https://cdapress.com/news/2020/mar/13/downtown-bar-fight-leads-to-battery-charge/
  14. K

    Good old days, Days gone by as a kid

    Another thread got me to thinking about some of the stuff we did as kids or you just dont see it as much if at all now days. I remember riding our bikes everywhere as a kid. Setting up jumps to see who could fly the furthest. We would grab our poles and ride across town to go fishing. I cant...
  15. L

    Robar is gone but Wright Armory seems to have taken over NP3

    Everyone, I received an email a few days ago that Robar had closed its doors but Wright Armory seems to have taken over the NP3 process. What is NP3? Its the best firearms coating that I have ever found. It bonds with the surface rather than sitting on top and it self lubricates and...
  16. dmacman

    Ruger ARX self defense ammo .380 gone bad?

    I was shooting with a friend when I decided to try some of my Ruger ARX self-defense ammunition in .380. To my surprise, 2 out of the 6 rounds in the magazine failed to fire. The gun is a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard and I have never had any issues with the gun like this in the past. And for the...
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