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  1. Bxc53

    WA resident buying a private sale long gun in OR.

    As the title says- What is the process if a WA citizen buys a long gun from a private OR citizen? Conditions- Sale happens in Oregon Buyer has no legal issues preventing ownership. Does this work through a FFL similar to WA states 594 transfers? Thanks
  2. Y

    Handgun private sale FAQ

    Hello, new to the Northwest firearms forums. Wanted to get some information on person to person private sales. I've heard numerous things from different people at gun shops/pawn shops about the laws surrounding this topic. Any information helps and is appreciated.
  3. ThemGunsThough

    Private Sale Goes Bad (PDX Park)

    Another reason to follow the new law I guess. Two robbed, shot during gun sale at Northeast Portland park
  4. 2

    WA> Private Sale (consign) through FFL> ATF> Dealer> New Regs?

    Considering the time of year (holidays) funds have dried up until after the new year. I never done it before, and considered selling a firearm on consignment through a dealer. The FFL was saying something about new forms that needed to be filled out, through all dealers, per the ATF. To also...
  5. papahepcat

    Oregon  Private sale background check exemption for CHL holders

    This is specific to Oregon, related to SB941 from 2015. I asked my state Senator and Representative - Girod and Gilliam, respectively - if they'd consider introducing legislation that'd add CHL holders to the list of exemptions for doing background checks on private party firearm sales. Girod is...
  6. Northwest Firearms

    Adaptive Firing Solutions

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Item Adaptive Firing Solutions. Please add to the discussion here.
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