Sell can refer to:
A verb relating to sales
Sell, West Virginia, an unincorporated community in Preston County, West Virginia
Sell (professional wrestling), a wrestling term
SELL or Syndicat des éditeurs de logiciels de loisirs, a French organization that promotes the interests of video game developers
SELL Student Games, a multi-sport event for university and college students
Southern Evacuation Lifeline (SELL), a proposed road in Horry County, South Carolina

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  1. B

    Buy another pistol or sell 1 or neither? HELP!

    I currently have a serialized P80(G19) and a P320 xcompact. I was thinking of getting a real Glock 19 but I’m not sure it’s worth the $600ish bucks. If I were to do that I would want to sell the P80 but I’ve never sold a gun, since mz114 is screwing everything up would it even be worth the time...
  2. Warren Andrew

    New to Northwest Firearms and ready to serve all of your firearm maintenance and repair needs.

    Battle Ground Gunsmith/Firearms dealer ready to service all of your firearm needs. Preservations, Restorations, Repairs, Upgrades, Transfers, Sales, Trades, and more. Traditional bluing, Cerakote, wood refinishing, and much more. Call or text 360-690-5168 and check out my Facebook page @Warren...

    Oregon  Barrel serial number and selling

    This may not be the right section but here it goes... I have seen numerous threads of people selling off stock handgun barrels. What do y'all do about the serial thats engraved on the barrel? Sell it with the number still on it? File the number off? I don't think I would want people to have my...
  4. Sporting Systems

    Lowers OK to sell in WA after July 1 - FBI extension coming

    GREAT NEWS FLASH - “other” firearms being given 1 year extension for background checks at the dealer level. So the lowers can be delivered without crazy waiting periods. Now, we’ll take this fight to the state legislature to be sure they don’t screw it up. We are still going to keep our #F1639...
  5. 3

    I have a Henry 22lr I need to sell. How and how much is it worth?

    Photos Location Portland Oregon Bought this in Colorado many years ago for ~$375 I think, includes ~400 rounds. Im moving away and I need to sell. Its bit scratched unfortunately but its been fired very few times and kept in case. How do I go about selling it? Thanks!
  6. coop44

    WA resident buying a handgun in OREGON?

    I will be driving through next week. Would like to pick up a handgun I found on here. Would like to do the purchase and transfer in Oregon. But if I can't the alternative would be to ship it to an ffl here for transfer. Not sure if the added expense would be worth it.
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