California (/ˌkælᵻˈfɔːrnjə/ KAL-ə-FORN-yə, /ˌkælᵻˈfɔːrniə/ KAL-ə-FAWR-nee-ə) is the most populous state in the United States as well as the third most extensive by area. Los Angeles, in Southern California, is the state's most populous city and the country's second largest after New York City. California also includes the nation's most populous county, Los Angeles County, and the largest county by area, San Bernardino County. Geographically located in the western part of the United States, California is bordered by the other U.S. states of Oregon to the north, Nevada to the east, and Arizona to the southeast. California shares an international border with the Mexican state of Baja California to the south and the Pacific Ocean is on the state's western coastline. The state capital is Sacramento, which is located in the northern part of the state.
What is now California was first settled by various Native American tribes before being explored by a number of European expeditions during the 16th and 17th centuries. It was then claimed by the Spanish Empire as part of Alta California in the larger territory of New Spain. Alta California became a part of Mexico in 1821 following its successful war for independence, but was ceded to the United States in 1848 after the Mexican–American War. The western portion of Alta California was organized as the State of California, which was admitted as the 31st state on September 9, 1850. The California Gold Rush starting in 1848 led to dramatic social and demographic changes, with large-scale immigration from the east and abroad with an accompanying economic boom.
California's diverse geography ranges from the Sierra Nevada in the east to the Pacific Coast in the west, from the redwood–Douglas fir forests of the northwest, to the Mojave Desert areas in the southeast. The center of the state is dominated by the Central Valley, a major agricultural area. California contains both the highest point (Mount Whitney) and the lowest point (Death Valley) in the contiguous United States. Earthquakes are common because of the state's location along the Pacific Ring of Fire. About 37,000 earthquakes are recorded each year, but most are too small to be felt. Drought has also become a notable feature.
California has had an enormous influence on global popular culture due to being the birthplace of the film industry, the hippie counterculture, the Internet, and the personal computer. The state's economy is centered on finance, government, real estate services, technology, and professional, scientific and technical business services; together comprising 58% of the state's economy. Three of the world's largest 20 firms by revenue, Chevron, Apple, and McKesson, are headquartered in the state. Although only 1.5% of the state's economy, California's agriculture industry has the highest output of any U.S. state. If it were a country, California would be the 6th largest economy in the world and the 35th most populous.

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  1. J

    How bad are Portland, Corvallis, and Bend?

    So i'm currently exploring places to move away to (would be my first time living alone.) If i were to move to Oregon, Im kind of interested in these areas. What are they like? How gun/knife friendly are they? The Ip 17 crap kind of has me hesitant about Oregon though.
  2. J

    greetings from (sadly) California

    Checking in from Los Angeles. Might move to Montana soon tho. Would read this site a lot when i was considering moving to Wash/Oregon for work.
  3. ATCclears

    Cali - violent crime creeps into wealthier communities

    I read this stuff, and I am reminded of some of my former business travel to third-world locations, precautions people took, and even how are homes are designed with walls and gates facing the street...
  4. ATCclears

    Other State  California now trying to route gun-control cases away from U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez

    California Attorney General Rob Bonta said through a spokeswoman that his office “will continue our defense of the state’s common-sense gun laws,” but declined to comment on whether he would object to future cases being assigned to Judge Benitez. The judge declined to comment. “If you’re a...
  5. sobo

    California's Blackout Warning - Anti-fossil fuel mandates are leading to electricity shortages

    Evidently the people of Kommiefauxnia forgot that when you have no sun and no wind, you have no power. Keep in mind who comes from this state: Nancy Puglosi, Adam Schiffhead, Mad Maxine Waters, Kameleon Harris, and many other Demwits. I’m surprised this op-ed came from the WSJ... Here's the...
  6. T

    [9th Circuit court] Happy Friday, everyone! 9th circuit strikes down CA mag ban!

    Sad day for the firearm prohibitionists. Good day for freedom loving, level headed people! Edit: updated with Second Amendment Foundation statement on the ruling. Edit2: update from...
  7. B

    Other State  Obtaining an AR15 lower as a 20yr old service member

    Hello everyone! I’m new here so forgive me, hell Im from California so y’all may not even have the answer. So here’s the background, I am 20 years old and a service member in the USMC. I am currently building my first Ar15 which is legal for me to have. But the issue I’ve run into is that I can...
  8. colekpalmer

    Other State  Anyone familiar with California's byzantine laws? Need some advice

    I'm from California but have been living in Eugene, OR for a couple of years and greatly enjoying this thing called the constitution that you guys have up here. Turns out, I was even able to by an AR, a handgun, and get a concealed carry permit. Unfortunately, I'm traveling back down to CA for...
  9. ATCclears

    California - PG&E begins to cut power for up to 800,000 Customers

    PG&E said it anticipates the severe weather to last through midday Thursday, with peak winds forecast from Wednesday morning through Thursday morning and reaching 60 to 70 miles an hour at higher elevations. The company has said the shut-offs could last for a number of days and would cover...
  10. UnionMillsNW

    Emergency Trip to CA - What Should I Take?

    Hey Folks, I have a family emergency in CA and will be leaving tonight to head south. I'll be gone through the weekend. If I'm ever more than an hour from home I like to have a long gun in my truck. I have two options that don't break CA law: M1 Garand in 308 Pump Shotgun in 20 Gauge I'm...
  11. slimmer13

    At least they weren't shot (CA stabbing spree)

    Evil will always find a way
  12. S

    Earthquake strikes California nearly missing America July 4th

    Link to come soon
  13. DB is Here

    Other State  California town wants to be a sanctuary _ for gun owners

    California town wants to be a sanctuary - for gun owners
  14. DB is Here

    Other State  SAF, Cal Guns sue California over age based gun sales

    Press Release: SAF, Cal Guns sue California over age based gun sales - The Gun Feed
  15. DB is Here

    Other State  Federal Judge Moves Forward Suit Over California Gun Registration

    Federal Judge Moves Forward Suit Over California Gun Registration
  16. CountryGent

    Other State  California to require background checks for ammo purchases

    Just continues to circle the drain in the Golden State: California to require background checks for ammo purchases
  17. DB is Here

    Other State  Ammo sales rise in California ahead of new gun law

    Ammo sales rise in California ahead of a new gun law
  18. RicInOR

    Other State  California Dems Legalizing Soviet-Style Reporting of Legal Gun-Owning Co-Workers

    California Dems Legalizing Soviet-Style Reporting of Legal Gun-Owning Co-Workers
  19. burnsidePDX

    Other State  California Democrat And Gun Control Advocate Charged With Arms Trafficking

    When they meant “gun control” he totally had something else in mind.
  20. ATCclears

    California - PG&E’s Radical Plan to Prevent Wildfires: Shut Down the Power Grid

    snippet: No U.S. utility has ever blacked out so many people on purpose. PG&E says it could knock out power to as much as an eighth of the state’s population for as long as five days when dangerously high winds arise. Communities likely to get shut off worry PG&E will put people in danger...
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