The AL-41 is a designation for two different Russian military turbofan engine variants by NPO Lyulka-Saturn. The original AL-41F, development designation izdeliye 20, was a variable-bypass ratio turbofan engine, designed for supercruise flight for the MFI (Mnogofunktsionalni Frontovoy Istrebitel, "Multifunctional Frontline Fighter") program, which resulted in the Mikoyan Project 1.44. It is considered by Jane's as the Russian counterpart to the General Electric YF120 engine which lost to the more conventional fixed-bypass YF119 in the Advanced Tactical Fighter engine program.
Since the cancellation of the MFI program, the AL-41F1S (izdeliye 117S) and AL-41F1 (izdeliye 117) designation was assigned to heavily upgraded AL-31F variants developed by Lyulka-Saturn, now NPO Saturn, to power the Sukhoi Su-35S and Sukhoi Su-57.

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  1. wired

    Adding a trustee post 41F ?

    I want to add a trustee to my trust in the post 41F implementation world. Not sure what the regs actually state now as far as adding a trustee to an existing pre 41F trust. Anyone know?
  2. CountryGent

    Making a list and checking it twice ...

    So, I'm putting together my first post-41F Form 4 on a Trust paperwork. There are only two trustees (me and the Mrs). I figured I'd bounce it off the forum to confirm we're getting all the ducks in a row. To the ATF Form 4 (2 copies) Copy of Trust (1 copy) Responsible Persons form for me...
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