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A suppressor, sound suppressor, sound moderator, or silencer is a device attached to or part of the barrel of a firearm or air gun which reduces the amount of noise and visible muzzle flash generated by firing. Suppressors are typically constructed of a metal cylinder with internal mechanisms to reduce the sound of firing by slowing the escaping propellant gas and can also slightly increase the speed of the bullet.
In most countries, suppressors are regulated by firearm legislation to varying degrees. While some have allowed for sporting use of suppressors (especially to mitigate the costs of hearing loss and noise pollution), other governments have opted to ban them from civilian use.

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  1. J

    Barrel threading? Who does it?

    Hello my fellow Americans.. I recently purchased two rifles, both .22LR, both with unthreaded barrels. I am currently in process with the ATF to get a .22 suppressor and would LOVE to get my 2 new rifles threaded IF FEESABLE! I am looking for suggestions to any gun Smith who has done good work...
  2. H

    What are shortest effective .45 acp suppressors out there?

    This may be the dream of a mad man, but I'd like to know of any somewhat effective .45acp suppressors that are 5" or less(shorter is even better). It's totally fine if they are very thick, as it wont be used with handgun iron sights. Looking into a potential AR45 build for a bedside gun and this...
  3. Gunbuggy

    Suppressor alignment rod readings. Need a little help??

    Using a surefire / geissele rod I checked the alignment on a couple of rifles with cans. Pictured are the results I got. first pic is a Daniel Defense mk18 sbr. Didn’t expect much issues there, and alignment rod shows totally centered. however the following two are a 10.3” SBR, DSA MK18 mod 0...
  4. M

    Suppressor alignment rod.

    I’m looking for someone local to Salem with a 9mm alignment rod for suppressors. Just finished my Form 1 can and would like to check it before firing. Willing to pay $20 for a quick check!
  5. papersoldier

    Correct / acceptable baffle & endcap hole diameter.

    Just have a quick question for those here experienced with building form 1 suppressors, specifically in 9mm: Is a 3/8" (.375) baffle and endcap hole diameter adequete for 9mm projectiles (assuming the threads on the firearm are perfectly concentric to the bore), or is that cutting it too close...
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