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Transfer may refer to:

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  1. coltemp

    Washington  FFL Question. Needed or not, this looks grey to me

    So we have a 1898 Krag that is in play. It's been sporterized but still shoots the original ammo. It does have a serial number that confirms it was manufactured in 1898. According to RCW 9.41.010 definitions (1) "Antique firearm" means a firearm or replica of a firearm not designed or...
  2. CountryGent

    National  End the Normalized Delay of Suppressors Act of 2020

    Interesting proposed legislation: End the Normalized Delay of Suppressors Act of 2020
  3. R

    Other State  Transferring guns to my brother who lives in Oregon

    Hello all, I am traveling to Portland, OR in a couple of weeks to visit my brother who lives there. I am from California (Los Angeles) and own two long guns and a handgun which I want to give to my brother. I'll be driving to Oregon with the guns and want to know if I can transfer my guns over...
  4. A

    Any FFLs in the Metro area who will do transfer for 4 items sent from another FFL for $35 or less total?

    I am contemplating jumping on this deal but normal FFL fees will kill the deal for me: Taurus G2S 9mm Black Subcompact Pistol & Three (3) PSA AR-15 Safe/Fire Lowers I heard there was an FFL in maybe the West Linn area who would do multiple items for the same fee as one item but I don't have the...
  5. JuglansRegia

    FFL for transfer in the Springfield/Eugene area

    Looking for recommendations for an FFL to handle a gunbroker purchase/transfer in the Springfield area, I am having a communication issue with the guy I have been using so looking for a back up plan.
  6. techiej

    Father-Son Gifts between OR & WA after 594 & 1639???

    Question: If I am a Washington resident and my son is an Oregon resident and both are eligible to purchase/own firearms, and I want to gift him one of my firearms (or vice versa), does this need to go through an FFL/transfer in either state?
  7. Dradz

    Transfer Fees Tacoma area

    Hi folks, I searched the forums but was unable to find a thread about the cheapest local transfer fees in the Tacoma/Oly area. If someone knows of a thread or a resources for this information please let me know. Thanks
  8. T

    Washington  Transferring a Glock 17 from my brother in Oregon and I am a Washington resident

    Just looking for what I need to do to a transfer a Glock 17 from my brother an Oregon resident to myself a Washington resident
  9. E

    Washington  Out of state FFL transfer question

    Can a Oregon FFL conduct a firearm transfer between two Washington state residents? Thanks, Edmon
  10. C

    Looking for a good FFL In Eugene for a person to person transfer

    Looking for a good FFL source for a person to person firearms transfer in Eugene. Trying to find someone that charges $25.00 dollars. $15.00 for the FFL holder & $10.00 to the state. Thank you
  11. K

    Oregon  Under 21 Gun show Questions

    Since private sales must go through a FFL, Which restricts us folks under 21 from possessing anything that isn't strictly "Shotgun" or "Rifle", would that limitation still effect dealers at a gun show? Would Someone under 21 be able to buy a "Firearm" like a shockwave or a AR pistol lower...
  12. M

    Washington  WA Transfer to Trust

    Is there an official legal consensus on transferring/adding a firearm to a trust? Will gun shops do a 594 transfer to a trust? Is transfer documentation provided as a receipt? I’m planning to do a Form 1 on a pistol I already own, newly created a trust. Thanks
  13. guitarguy

    Washington  Cheapest Firearm transfer in Vancouver?

    Sure hope this is the right section for this question... I live in Longview and Gators Custom Guns in Kelso does transfers for $20. I used to do my transfers at Tropics Pawn (GREAT GUYS!) but they are now $29 Any other suggestions for Vancouver transfers? Thanks!
  14. K

    Oregon  Under 21 Private transfer Questions

    Hey ya'll, so I've spent some time looking through the intricacies of ORS 166 and something still isn't quite clear, or i may have missed it. Since someone over 18, but under 21 cannot buy a pistol or silencer from a registered FFL, would they still be able to buy one legally from a private...
  15. muppetman

    FFL for Transfer / background check WA - Tukwilla / Seattle

    I'm looking for a reputable and reliable FFL / Dealer to transfer an AR Pistol and lower in and around the Seattle / Tukwilla region. Looking for good price and ease of process. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance
  16. RVNvet

    TCGC members: $10.00 total firearm transfer fee

    I've been a member of the Tri County Gun Club for many years, and just today found out we can transfer guns at the club for only the $10.00 state fee. Either the transferor or transferee must be a member of the club—not necessarily both. Transfers are done on certain dates—logon to the club's...
  17. A

    Washington  ? For FFL's. Will You Transfer Manaul Loading AR Type Rifles to 18-20 Year Olds After I-1639 Begins?

    This question is directed towards Washington FFLs. Will you complete transfers of manual loading AR rifles to the 18-20 crowd after I-1639 goes in to effect?What will be required to demonstrate the rifle is a manual loading rifle? For example no gas system, no gas port on barrel, etc. These...
  18. Nate2535

    Giving a pistol as a gift to my brother. I live in WA he lives in OR

    My brother is coming up for a bit and i missed his birthday a few times so because he is going to be around i figured i'd take him shooting. We haven't gone shooting in years. He has been talking about buying a pistol and i have a spare Ruger SR9e it's a great shooting gun but i have moved on...
  19. JO JO

    Washington  ffl transfer and 1639

    not sure where to post this but made a private sale today at tropic pawn for ffl transfer and asked them what they knew about 1639 , so as of the first tropic will raise their fee to $29 and once 1639 takes hold the state will charge up to $25 as well , so private sale ffl transfer will be $54...

    FFL transfer dealer

    Where exactly is the cheapest place on the west side to get the job done?
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