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Form 4 is a United States SEC filing that relates to insider trading. Every director, officer or owner of more than 10% of a class of equity securities registered under Section 12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 must file with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission a statement of ownership regarding such security. The initial filing is on Form 3 and changes are reported on Form 4. The annual statement of beneficial ownership of securities is on Form 5. The forms contain information on the reporting person's relationship to the company and on purchases and sales of such equity securities.
Form 4 is stored in SEC's EDGAR database.
A Form 4 must be filed before the end of the second business day following a change in ownership of securities or derivative securities (including the exercise or grant of stock options) for individuals subject to Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

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  1. CountryGent

    New Mailing Address for NFA Forms

    Just a heads up that there is a new mailing address in Oregon for NFA forms 1 and 4. The American Suppressor Association has information here. Updated forms are available for download here. Cheers. National Firearms Act Division P.O. Box 5015 Portland, OR 97208-5015
  2. B

    ATF cashed my Form 4, how much longer?

    The ATF cashed my check on January 27, 2018 for my Form 4. Was wondering how much longer of a wait now? Figured it was good news that they cashed my check.......right? Thank you!
  3. CountryGent

    Making a list and checking it twice ...

    So, I'm putting together my first post-41F Form 4 on a Trust paperwork. There are only two trustees (me and the Mrs). I figured I'd bounce it off the forum to confirm we're getting all the ducks in a row. To the ATF Form 4 (2 copies) Copy of Trust (1 copy) Responsible Persons form for me...
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