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  1. A

    If Braced Pistols Are Added To NFA Category, What Will You Do With Yours? Poll

    It now seems likely that the Biden adminstration will attempt to add braced pistols to the NFA list. If you own a braced pistol what are your plans if that happens?
  2. yourealist

    Moving while suppressor is in jail and pending approval

    Does anyone here have any experience with moving / changing your address within the state while having a form 4 suppressor in jail? What needed to be done to update the atf while pending an approval. Is that even possible or do you have to restart the process? I’m about a month and a half in...
  3. 68w

    NFA engraving western Washington

    Anyone know of a good place to get titanium engraved? I had planned to use a local laser engraving shop, but have since done a little research on lasers and titanium. Now looking to go mechanical or find a shop that has the ability to purge the heat affected zone. Anyone have any good...
  4. GrayGoose

    AR Engraving in Mid-Valley Area?

    Anyone have recommendations for local engravers in the Albany/Corvallis/Lebanon area for engraving an AR SBR lower?
  5. Wombat of Doom

    Any NFA engravers open Saturday around PDX?

    I know BYE engraving was not listed as open on Saturdays when I checked. I know they do a great job, but I work every hour they are open these days. Any other options?
  6. S

    What is the best online trust company for NFA items?

    I am looking at buying my first can and want to go the route of setting up a trust first. There are a lot of online trusts out there that have a wide range in prices. What one did you use and why did you choose that one over others that are out there? I have heard that (when compared by LGS)...
  7. TherealJL

    NFA engraving list

    Would love to see a pinned list by state/town... looking for a firearm friendly shop in Eugene/Springfield.
  8. CountryGent

    Jettisoning NFA Items

    So, been going through a reorganization, purge even, this year for a variety of reasons. I've sold off a number of guns and will likely a small number more, because they weren't being used, I lost interest, etc. (For the matter, I'm losing interest in many firearms-related things these days...
  9. JonathanW95

    Oregon  Traveling with NFA items

    Hello, I’m traveling to a new state with my firearms including NFA items(Suppressors and destructive device) Do airlines treat NFA items any differently then regular firearms when declaring them on the plane? Especially the destructive device
  10. Lazyfaire

    What does it take to un-SBR an NFA item?

    Have an MPX that has a stamp as an SBR, What does it involve to remove that designation, legally?
  11. T

    Some basic questions

    I'm interested in suppressors and just have some basic questions mostly about legality. I'm not a new shooter but I know very little about suppressors and have never used one myself. I recall going into Threat Dynamics (Sherwood, OR) and seeing pistols for sale that already had built in...
  12. PopRocks

    Washington  NFA / Tax Stamp General Question - Are you permitting the person or the firearm? Both?

    New the forum. First post! Question 1: Still trying to get up to speed on the legal ins/outs of NFA / Tax Stamps for SBR purchases. My question is... do you apply for an NFA / SBR "special permit" of some kind (one that is based on you as a person), and then (once you are approved) you submit...
  13. Reno

    Unique NFA picture thread.

    Not a run of the mill SBR or suppressor. Post up your most whacky NFA adventure/project/doodad you’ve got. Look forward to seeing some different stuff!
  14. J

    NFA FFLs in Portland Area?

    I tried doing a search here and online but wasn't coming up with much. Does anyone know an FFL that does affordable NFA (suppressor) transfers in the Portland metro area? I see some places charging $150 or so for transfers from other FFLs, and that's more than I can afford. I'm looking to buy...
  15. kbf64

    Boards like NWFA for Texas?

    Thinking of going to the lone star state, does anyone know of a board like this in Texas?
  16. CountryGent

    NFA Processing & Coronavirus

    From the American Suppressor Association: NFA Processing & Coronavirus
  17. CountryGent

    NFA Resale?

    I'm semi-active on a NFA-focused board and the majority opinion is that other than machine-guns, and some old and/or unique items, there is no real aftermarket for registered NFA items. What say you? Has that been your observation or something else?
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