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  1. Ranb

    Transporting NFA firearms across state lines

    I'm moving from WA to MN and sent form 5320.20 to the ATF over a month in advance. I did it by email with a scanned 5320.20 attached. No reply after three weeks, so I sent in a hard copy several weeks prior to the move. I got the approval forwarded to me by USPS a week after I moved. I left...
  2. T22

    Denial after approval

    Had kind of a weird one yesterday. Had an amnesty SBR come back on 3/28. Yesterday morning got a notification that it was denied due to the paperwork not having the correct serial number and attached instructions to reapply. Anyone ever heard of a denial after an approval? I tried calling but...
  3. bradsteen

    Bill to set hard deadline for ATF to process NFA applications

    Saw this posted on another forum...
  4. B009779

    Looking for a gunsmith in SW Washington -

    I’d rather not attempt a barrel chop myself so.. I’ve got an approved form 1 on a 12 Gauge Remington 870 AOW (any other weapon). Need a gunsmith in SW Washington that can chop my barrel to 12”, install a front sight base, & add a bead sight.
  5. T22

    E Form 1 questions

    I’m not that smart and attempting government E Forms. I figure there will be a lot of uncertainty with the SBR thing and there should be a spot for questions filling out the E Forms. I’ll go first: on the Line Item page I fill out the firearm description and save it. There is a grayed out button...
  6. J

    National  ATF: Nobody else can shoot your NFA weapon, even when you are present

    Was on the FAQ for the ATF's efile page ( ) checking on the brace info and I saw this: Now I'm 99.9% sure this wasn't on the FAQ last year when I filed a Form 1. And I remember googling this very question and reading 2 dozen industry sites, silencer shops...
  7. S

    Washington  New Brace Rule & "manufacturing" an NFA item in WA

    I recall a while back when WA allowed NFA items again, there was some hangup that allowed them but prohibited manufacturing of them With the new brace rule, if one chooses to do the SBR route, are they then "manufacturing" an SBR... Which is not legal in WA? Did I miss something or are...
  8. ocarolan

    Oregon  Selling all mags to my NFA trust?

    Any thoughts on transferring magazines to your gun trust? Checking around, seems some Colorado lawyers recommended this back in 2013: (Practically not concerned, but figured I could notarize a bill of sale now... and optionally...
  9. SixgunSymphony

    Repeal the NFA!

    It comes down to winning elections really. Start with attending the monthly Republican Party meetings for your voting district. You get to meet candidates and discuss issues, this is a good place to bring up this issue and find out what candidates are on our side. Get back to the gun forums like...
  10. arakboss

    National  Are All Muzzleloaders Exempt From NFA restrictions?

    Question in title but can I disregard barrel length restrictions for muzzleloaders. For example can I legally add a stock to a muzzleloader pistol? Can I legally cut a muzzleloader rifle barrel to less than 16 inches in length?
  11. Wombat of Doom

    Cheapest, quality Laser engraver for DIY NFA engraving

    I think we all know there are a ton of cheapo laser engravers out there. For me, doing laser engraving costs the time I have off from work as I work the same hours as a business engraves. That adds up FAST. Has anyone had success with their own laser engraver? My price point is fairly fluid as I...
  12. waltermitty

    Anyone filed as a WA corporation for NFA purposes?

    Before the trust entity became vogue, I had been filing as a non-profit (not charitable) organization in WA state in 2001. This is how my Form 4s have been filed for quite a while. A $10 filing fee was required along with an annual report to the WA Secretary of State Corporations division...
  13. E

    Recommended WA FFL for NFA transfers?

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase several cans and was wondering where you guys go for NFA transfers. I live in the Tacoma area and am willing to drive a bit if the transfer fees are reasonable. Are there any homebrew FFLs you guys know of?
  14. bradsteen

    National  If the NFA goes away, will you SBR or keep the brace? The above thread got me thinking - if the NFA goes away, that would eliminate the constraints on barrel length for rifles and scrap the ATF's upcoming pistol brace scheme. However, I do see a practical use for pistol...
  15. Dr Prepper


    This is some hard core erotica here. Be careful who you're watching with ;) Case filed to dismiss charges and repeal the NFA in it's *entirety. Beautifully worded, seems like a Michael Jordan slam dunk on a Fisher Price hoop! Will be very interested to see how this pans out I'm certain A LOT of...
  16. 3MTA3

    Cost Of Adding A Co-Trustee To An Existing Or New NFA Trust

    I currently have no NFA items, but am going to purchase three silencers and depending on how the pistol brace regs work out SBRing up to four rifles. I'm considering a NFA trust mostly to avoid having to engrave my name on the rifles, and frankly the extra trouble and expense would be worth it...
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