1. G

    Buyin and selling NFA items private party in Oregon.

    I have some NFA pre 86 machine guns and suppressors. Is there any buying or selling of NFA items here. I am familiar with the on line sites but was looking for local sales where no shipping is involved and buyer and seller can meet face to and examine the NFA item. I'm located in Southern Oregon.
  2. Sundance

    Hypothetical question - trade 'gun license' for abolishing NFA, ATF

    Given: 1. There should never be licensing for rights (but the government continually does it) 2. We already have an ATF gun registry (if you truly believe we don't, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'm selling cheap) Would you trade having a 'gun license', very similar to car license, renewable...
  3. ilikegunspdx

    Do nfa laws apply to black powder firearms?

    Can I put a stock on a 8" black powder revolver? Thanks!
  4. G

    NFA HK MP 5 specialist for HK 94 conversion

    I have an early HK 94 / MP5 conversion that was done by Hard Times Armory. It is a registered receiver. I would like to have factory MP 5 lower pistol assembly with the original mag flap made and installed. I am in Southern Oregon. Anyone know a reputable HK NFA gunsmith in this area.
  5. The Heretic

    NFA Flow Chart

    I did not check every path - only one or two:
  6. bgdawgrr

    Washington  WA/Pierce Co NFA Attorney

    Looking for a referral to a local NFA/Firearms attorney for a consultation. Got the Diversified Machine ATF letter vid FedEx today. Never ordered any “solvent traps” but have ordered for multiple Form 1 builds. Want qualified opinion about any steps to take, even if it’s “do nothing”. Thanks.
  7. Lennie

    The new BATF efile for NFA items fiasco

    BATF rolled out their new eforms for NFA items a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, all dealers of NFA items received this email. From: Sinclair, Rebecca K. <[email protected]> Date: Wed, Jan 5, 2022 at 4:39 AM Subject: eForms Improvements To: Dear eForms Users, At this time, we...
  8. moroza

    Is there a tougher background check?

    Apart from costing more and taking longer, is the background check required for Class 3 guns any different - stricter on pass/fail criteria, or more thorough - from normal guns? Is there any other federal background check that could be used to vet a potential buyer, and if so, under what...
  9. dirtyd

    Did UPIN Improve Your NFA Time?

    Finally purchased a suppressor, Form 4. Had a ton of delays on my SBR a couple years ago so added my UPIN to this application. Was curious if that had any noticeable time decrease on receiving anyone's NFA items?
  10. Aero Denezol

    NFA/SBR Engraving in Salem?

    Who does this type of work in the Mid-Willamette Valley? I know everyone likes BYE in Portland but I'm hoping to avoid traffic and gasoline by keeping it local. Many thanks in advance.
  11. solv3nt

    Trust vs Individual NFA

    I'm interested in getting into the NFA world, but I've been reading that the trust benefits have been basically nullified in the recent past, is this true? I was thinking trust so it could be passed down after my demise. It sounds like the individual route is the way to go. Those in the know...
  12. wired

    The NFA is buzzing these form 1's out the door

    Almost like theyre prepping for something big...
  13. M

    NFA Dealers or Shops

    Anyone know of or have a recommendation on a local shop (Willamette Valley) who has a selection of NFA items? Besides the usual suppressors, SBR, SBS?
  14. G

    NFA collectors or Activities in Southern Oregon

    Greetings all. I am new to the Northwest boards but was on the Calguns board in California for years. I recently escaped from Kalifornia after retirement and moved to Grants Pass where I have family. Are their any NFA activities or shoots in the Southern Oregon area. Went to the Albany SMG s...
  15. The Heretic

    National  Democrats introduce legislation to ban suppressors
  16. arakboss

    If Braced Pistols Are Added To NFA Category, What Will You Do With Yours? Poll

    It now seems likely that the Biden adminstration will attempt to add braced pistols to the NFA list. If you own a braced pistol what are your plans if that happens?
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