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  1. yourealist

    Moving while suppressor is in jail and pending approval

    Does anyone here have any experience with moving / changing your address within the state while having a form 4 suppressor in jail? What needed to be done to update the atf while pending an approval. Is that even possible or do you have to restart the process? I’m about a month and a half in...
  2. MilitantBEEMER

    Moving to Oklahoma - Freedom Bound

    Well it is official, the wife and I sold our home here in Oregon and have purchased a new one in Oklahoma. While we are excited for this next chapter in our lives, we are truly going to miss the PNW beauty and “some” of the people :) I will still be lingering on here from time to time. I also...
  3. Keys1971

    Moving to grizzly country

    Hey all, I'm moving to the Flathead County area of Montana and I was wondering what type of sidearm you would carry while hiking. My thought would be either a S&W 629 in .44 or a Glock 10mm. I'm leaning more towards the Glock due to my experience and training. However a .44 has its upside...
  4. wired

    Moving to California

    I can feel the hate coming down already. Yep. I'm moving to Fresno. Taking a job as engineering manager with a hugigantic winery. 24 million gallons in cooperage. NFA stuff is staying up here so I can visit it sometimes. The rest of the CA legal stuff is coming with.
  5. ATCclears

    An analysis after seven years of living in New Zealand

    A four-part article: New Zealand: Thoughts After Seven Years, by Nivek New Zealand: Thoughts After Seven Years, Part 2, by Nivek New Zealand: Thoughts After Seven Years, Part 3, by Nivek New Zealand: Thoughts After Seven Years, Part 4, by Nivek In the last article the author provides...
  6. CountryGent

    National  Moving with FFL

    I know there is the Application for an Amended Federal Firearms License to amend an existing FFL license when moving to a new state. Beyond filing that form, what other steps are necessary? I'm going to be researching this myself, including maybe reaching out to an ATF contact, but I figured...
  7. Mr Smith

    Washington  SB5434

    This is another bad one...put your voice in to your local reps and senators to fight it... in a nutshell whatever they deem as a gun free zone means you can't carry a gun (CPL or not) pneumatic/gas propelled gun (this actually includes toy guns like a nerf gun), can't carry a taser, can't carry...
  8. Aussie1

    Moving on from .17 Rem

    G'day Blokes and Lasses. For the past 40 odd years I have employed a Tikka M55 in .17Rem cal. to handle my varmint shooting. It has been re-barreled 4 times and the last barrel was beginning to show signs that it was past its most accurate life. Also I found I could no longer buy new brass for...
  9. R

    NFA Items & moving

    So, I have an interesting situation. Both myself (individually) and my firearms trust (me as Trustee) own some various NFA items. I am moving out of state, so I know I need a couple of 5320.20s filled out and approved. Here is my my new state I am building a house, which will not...
  10. R

    Gun Safe Moving Service or How To?

    Hello, I don't know if this would be the correct forum or not...but here goes. So I am moving, and I don't really trust the moving company to move my addition I have some NFA Items, Gunpowder, ammo, etc....that they will not move. So, my plan is to rent a Uhaul truck (or similar)...
  11. colekpalmer

    Moving to Oregon, unsure where to purchase shotgun

    I'm moving to Oregon from California in a couple months and would like to purchase a 12 gauge to go skeet shooting with. I understand I need to produce an Oregon DL/ID in order to purchase the gun there, but I would like to avoid all the red tape nonsense in California. Once my first utility...
  12. OregonTJ

    Shipping Firearms out of state - best way

    I will be relocating to S. Carolina soon and need to get my firearms there. What are the rules and best way to do this. Are there shippers that will do this safely and reliably without concern of theft? I may ship my household goods, and drive there. I could hand carry them there, but having...
  13. ItalianDragn

    Moving Within Washington County

    I just did my address change with DMV and it will take a while for the stupid sticker to arrive, so is my CHL invalid until I get that sticker and get over to the Sheriff? I wanted to do a replacement ID because I hate the stickers, but without a utility bill for the house I am moving into this...
  14. ZS27

    Finally moving to alaska

    Well folks its been great my wife and i have been trying for Alaska for a couple years now and it paid off we are moving up there 7/15/18 2,400 hundred miles with 47 hours of driving. Its funny we have been preparing for it for years but when a job finally lands and we have two weeks before we...
  15. Sporting Systems

    Washington  Washington needs your help - I-1639 moving forward

    The legal challenge is next. Sounds like SAF, NRA and another private party are preparing challenges to 1639 petitions on a number of technicalities. Hoping they find a pile of other basis to challenge the bill in it's entirety. Oregon, help your neighbors out, because if this passes here...
  16. Tony617

    Surplus Ammo moving warehouse to Montana

    Surplus Ammo moving their warehouse to Montana: Bulk Ammo For Sale | Buy Ammunition Online - SurplusAmmo
  17. S

    Moving safe. Worth it?

    Is it worth moving an 800lb safe to another state or should I just sell it locally and buy a new one there? I'm looking to move to Idaho and money will be tight, as my income will be cut probably by 2/3rds.
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