Land, sometimes referred to as dry land, is the solid surface of the Earth that is not permanently covered by water. The vast majority of human activity occurs in land areas that support agriculture, habitat, and various natural resources.
Some life forms (including terrestrial plants and terrestrial animals) have developed from predecessor species that lived in bodies of water.
Areas where land meets large bodies of water are called coastal zones. The division between land and water is a fundamental concept to humans. The demarcation between land and water can vary by local jurisdiction and other factors. A maritime boundary is one example of a political demarcation. A variety of natural boundaries exist to help clearly define where water meets land. Solid rock landforms are easier to demarcate than marshy or swampy boundaries, where there is no clear point at which the land ends and a body of water has begun. Demarcation can further vary due to tides and weather.

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  1. R

    Nice area to buy land for summer/winter cabin

    So my wife and I have talked about how nice it would be to own a small getaway cabin one day. So I’ve been thinking about it lately and thinking of buying a piece of land first and then building the cabin or getting an RV, or a tiny house (yea yeah I know how stupid it may sound but they’re...
  2. D

    Questions about purchasing land for recreational purposes and target shooting...possibly hunting

    Hi Folks, I've been considering purchasing some land in Oregon for purposes of camping, target shooting and possibly building a home at some point. Being able to hunt on the land would be a bonus. Having said that, I have no idea where to start and I wasn't sure where else I could post this on...
  3. ATCclears

    Future Home Ideas

    I keep an electronic note of future home ideas. There are snippets from articles, websites, and even perhaps comments from Northwest Firearms. I know everyone has different ideals and considerations. I will post everything here (in a quick series of postings), and welcome ideation from...
  4. CountryGent

    Good time to buy land?

    So, I didn't want to derail this thread, so I will start a new one. I've been chomping at the bit to acquire more acreage for the family, both as a planned migration south, but also for an investment and, possibly, agricultural purposes. As such, I've started looking again at parcels. Think...
  5. PlayboyPenguin

    Rules for shooting on private land in Skamania Co. ???

    Does anyone know the rules for shooting on private land in Skamania county? I have been reading all the statutes and they primarily deal with managed lands.
  6. CountryGent

    Looking for Arizona Land

    Hello, friends. Today I have been looking at Arizona lands. Some are most interesting and I will to narrow them down soon. While I am looking at the regular sites (e.g., Land Watch, Farm Seller, Zillow, et al.), I figured I'd toss it out there in the event someone has a parcel to sell, knows...
  7. S

    Southern Oregon BLM closure of land to shooting.

    Applegate Enviro-marxist group is lobbying BLM to close down Anderson butte and Wagner butte areas above Talent, Phoenix, and Jacksonville to recreational shooting. This is their site: Anderson Butte Safety Project Screenshot of their post: Imgur Individuals behind it...
  8. CountryGent

    Land Trust?

    I am curious if anyone has setup a land trust for their real estate holdings. As I understand it, it has some very good benefits, not the least of which avoiding probate and limited legal opacity. From what I can tell, however, the tax benefits are often overstated. I'm not seeing any...
  9. arakboss

    Other State  Mass shooting at a bar in Southern California

    California bar shooting leaves 12 dead, including sheriff's sergeant, police say RIP Victims. Gun rights restriction is not the answer. Lunatic suppression may be.
  10. Joe13

    Longshot request.. Looking for private land in WA to hunt on for deer and elk

    So in a nut shell, the area I and another prominent member here were planning to hunt this year isn't going to work out. That puts us about a month away from season and no good idea as to where to go. West or East side would be fine. Even an additional Hunter (property owner) would be a...
  11. Cogs

    Target Shooting on Public Land, July 28, Information Class

    Location: Sportsman's Warehouse, 18645 NW Tanasbourne Dr, Hillsboro, OR 97124 Free and open to the public. The class will cover topics such as: Where to shoot? What to shoot? How to be legal? Are there any rules? Can I shoot milk jugs and propane tanks? Tannerite? Tracer Rounds? Group...
  12. Cogs

    Information for Target Shooting on Public Land, July 28

    Location: Sportsman's Warehouse, 18645 NW Tanasbourne Dr, Hillsboro, OR 97124 Free and open to the public. The class will cover topics such as: Where to shoot? What to shoot? How to be legal? Are there any rules? Can I shoot milk jugs and propane tanks? Tannerite? Tracer Rounds? Group...
  13. bikemutt

    Washington  Driving through tribal land while armed question

    I happened to take the long road back from a few days of 4wheelin' up in the Okanogan, came down through Yakima to Goldendale, then home. I noticed the first sign saying I was on the Yakima tribal land was something to the effect, "All tribal laws enforced". I don't know tribal laws and I'm...
  14. Cogs

    Target Shooting On Public Land Informational Class May 26, 2018

    Next class is Sat, May 26th, Sportsman's Warehouse Happy Valley! "Target Shooting On Public Land". It's all the things you need to know to shoot responsibly on public land. Come see what we're doing! Bring a friend or encourage a new shooter to attend! It will be worth a one hour...
  15. Alan12013

    Longer oal when measured to land...

    I have 130gr sst match ammo that's 2.589 measured to ogive with a comparator, cheap 150gr federal at 2.694. My sierra matchking 135 hpbt measured right off the rifling is 2.64 (hit lands hard at 2.66). What I'm looking at is how much longer overall my handload is. I'll only be loading 1 round...
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