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  1. 21tango

    Lets see your 3 favorite shooters and a pig sticker

    My 3 favorite include a 1 DW valor 45. Gotta be the best value in the 1911 market. 2 A cz tactical sport orange. Cant say enough about the quality of this gun. It has a outstanding trigger.1/2 inch groups all day long at 25 yards. It is a competition ready gun. 3 1979 S&W model 28. This was a...
  2. Bull72

    Case knifes are my personal favorite

    I have several case knives and I am very happy with them I carry a small 3 blade every day and I have several larger fixed blades for hunting large game one of the things that I like about them is the guarantee they stand behind and the edge that the blade holds
  3. 2Wheels4Ever

    Hunter's Golf. My new Favorite Game

    Did I invent Hunter's Golf? I'd like to think it's an original idea, though I'm sure someone's already done something similar. I'm a big fan of leisure activities and I was planning on making a disk golf course in the back acres. I still might, though I figured shooting guns is way more fun...
  4. A

    What are your favorite 38spl cat sneeze loads?

    Thinking about loading up some quiet 38spl loads with cast bullets (not round ball). These would be for short range plinking fun in my old model 10 revolver 4"-ish barrel. I have a pretty good selection of pistol powders to choose from.
  5. CountryGent

    Favorite cerebral films ...

    We often watch movies for just the fun and escapism. And that is a wonderful thing. However, some films make us think and ask questions; be it philosophical, ethical, theological, metaphysical, the application (or misuse) of technology, etc. Many, though not all, of these movies become...
  6. O

    300winmag load data whats ur favorite

    So wanna load some 300winmag pefer 180-200 was curious whats everyone's favorite load Thanks
  7. CountryGent

    Your favorite classic hunting rifle(s)?

    So, been a little nostalgic looking at the gun cabinet this evening. (Well, until wife needed that room so she could do work-related Zoom, uninterrupted by wee ones. :s0112:) Got me to thinking of classic hunting rifles of yesteryear. That is ones I've owned/shot/carried afield, others I...
  8. A

    What is your favorite subsonic 223 load?

    This guy tried Clays, Titegroup and Trail Boss with 55gr bullet. Accuracy wasn't spectacular but not horrible either.
  9. K

    What's your favorite retort or rebuttal to anti-gun arguments?

    I like when someone says 'We register cars, license drivers and sometimes require driver training. Why can't we treat guns like cars?". Other than the "Cars and driving are a privilege, guns are a right." reply, it just doesn't have the same impact as something like the below. "Like cars then...
  10. 2Wheels4Ever

    Your Favorite 2A Christmas Ornament.

    Got this little guy back in 1999; I was 8. Still one of my favorites. WWII GIJoe complete with the all mighty M1 Garand. You put any gun related ornaments on the tree?
  11. G

    10mm one of my most favorite handgun calibers

    Hey guys and gals. I relocated here not too long ago from GA. When traipsing through the woods in Georgia, it is wise to have a potent side arm at one's side. Hogs, snakes, marijuana growers are all possibilities. I bought a bone stock G20 and have long been a fan of the capabilities one...
  12. Cavedweller

    Answered  Where'd my favorite smiley go?

    How come the little guy ROTFLOL (S0140) disappeared from my smiley menu? I've noticed other people are still using it. Is this some form of punishment?
  13. Dipstick

    My crazy zombie green favorite gun

    Yes, that is correct! My favorite gun is a zombie green single shot, break barrel .410/45LC Super Comanche! Why you ask is this my favorite gun? Well look at this beauty to start off o_O it is an amazing work of art! I bought this gun for $89.98 many years ago. Although fun to shoot, the...
  14. CountryGent

    Favorite B-Movies?

    There are plenty of amazing films in many genres that have entertained and illuminated. Then there is the garbage. You know, the campy, the crappy, the ridiculous, the horribly executed, unintentionally hilarious, those that ended up on MST3K, and all the rest. You know, as Georgie Weiss in...
  15. wired

    Whats your favorite gun?

    I know. Its like picking your favorite kid. OK. Its easy to do sometimes. The youngest boy is my favorite. Don't tell him. This is my favorite gun right now. SBR SIG 300 BO rattler upper on an M400 SIG lower. Elcan Docter scope.
  16. L

    Glock 43 owners: What is your favorite sight set?

    Glock 43 owners: What is your favorite sight set and why?
  17. Bluesteel9

    Stevens 1915 Repair and Restoration.

    Here are a few picks of a recent restoration of a 1915 Stevens Favorite .22 single shot that I recently completed. The stock was in reasonable condition but the receiver and barrel were filled with rust patches. The firing pin was broken and seized in the breech block and somehow (go figure) the...
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