1. 3MTA3

    POLL - What Is Your Favorite Food You Probably Don't Know Was Invented in Oregon

    The other day while on a corn dog bender I decided to look them up and surprisingly found they they were invented as Pronto Pup at Rockaway Beach when a rain squall ruined the buns at a hot dog stand. Still needing to sell the dogs the proprietor, George Boyington, came up with the idea using...
  2. Reno

    Hot sauce, like it, love it? Which is your favorite?

    I like a good hot sauce. Not crazy hot, but a good one can be hotter if it actually tastes good. Stupid hot and poor taste aren’t my cup of tea. My favorite local brand is NW Elixers. There basic hot sauce is very flavorful and not too hot. Very good on eggs...
  3. CountryGent

    Favorite Rimfire Target Pistol?

    I don't have a whole lot of experience with rimfire target guns. Truth be told, essentially nothing rimfire does anything for me. Not knocking it, just not my cup of tea. Well, I have been experiencing very strange days this last week, with more tomorrow, so why not continue the unusual with...
  4. CountryGent

    Favorite Revolver Books & Authors?

    The title kind of says it: what are you favorite revolver-related books and, closely related, authors who's contributions to the subject are well regarded. It can be on any topic (e.g., target shooting, various competition types, handgun hunting, law enforcement, history, et al.) as long as it...
  5. B

    Favorite Books for CCW / HD Knowledge?

    Looking to expand my library of firearms-related books, specifically those geared towards home defense and concealed carry. Any recommendations?
  6. titsonritz

    What is your favorite slide/pump action rifle?

    The only one I've owned was an 1890 takedown in .22WRF. My high school girl friends grand father's hunting gun was a Remington 760 in .30-06. It was a good shooter and he swore by it. I have always wanted a revolver caliber pump and remember drooling over and IMI Timberwolf .357 Mag. Any...
  7. PORSCHE928S4

    Favorite 22 suppressed ammo for your pistol

    I have run CCI quiet in my semi auto MK pistol suppressed and keeps double feeding so those go to a bolt .I used Ely subs and in the pistol they run flawless and are quite and will run in the semi pistol and semi auto rifle and are pretty clean . I now found a new gem @ 1106 fps the Lapua Polar...
  8. CountryGent

    Favorite horror authors?

    It is that time of year again for ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and mayhem. Which leads me to the question: who are some of your favorite horror authors and why? Naturally, I mean their works, but also those who had lives you found interesting for whatever reason. What have you learned through...
  9. arakboss

    What's Your Favorite Method To Make Projectiles From Cases?

    How have you made projectiles from spent cases? What kind results have you had? Here are some methods others have used.
  10. H

    Best Concealed Favorite for Wives

    Looking for a concealed carry for my wife. Wondering what the favorite is out there for ease of use, accuracy, etc. what’s the general concensus for a woman who has typically only shot .22 in the past and more protection/security minded vs blowing a big hole in a bad guy.
  11. L-Bo360

    Share some of your favorite quotes from our Founding Fathers

    I have been reading through the writings of our founding fathers over the last couple of years. I have been finding lots of really thought provoking quotes and thought I would share a couple of my favorites in the hope it inspires others to share some of their favorites. Hopefully we can all...
  12. GripItAndRipIt

    Gun grabbers' conundrum... A favorite minority or fielty to your anti-gun agenda?

    Seems the antis have a tough decision to make. This half-wit is practicing the fine art of the repeated lie but inadvertently destroying virtually every argument for gun control. What's a poor gaslightin' gal to do???? 🤔...
  13. 21tango

    Lets see your 3 favorite shooters and a pig sticker

    My 3 favorite include a 1 DW valor 45. Gotta be the best value in the 1911 market. 2 A cz tactical sport orange. Cant say enough about the quality of this gun. It has a outstanding trigger.1/2 inch groups all day long at 25 yards. It is a competition ready gun. 3 1979 S&W model 28. This was a...
  14. Bull72

    Case knifes are my personal favorite

    I have several case knives and I am very happy with them I carry a small 3 blade every day and I have several larger fixed blades for hunting large game one of the things that I like about them is the guarantee they stand behind and the edge that the blade holds
  15. 2Wheels4Ever

    Hunter's Golf. My new Favorite Game

    Did I invent Hunter's Golf? I'd like to think it's an original idea, though I'm sure someone's already done something similar. I'm a big fan of leisure activities and I was planning on making a disk golf course in the back acres. I still might, though I figured shooting guns is way more fun...
  16. arakboss

    What are your favorite 38spl cat sneeze loads?

    Thinking about loading up some quiet 38spl loads with cast bullets (not round ball). These would be for short range plinking fun in my old model 10 revolver 4"-ish barrel. I have a pretty good selection of pistol powders to choose from.
  17. CountryGent

    Favorite cerebral films ...

    We often watch movies for just the fun and escapism. And that is a wonderful thing. However, some films make us think and ask questions; be it philosophical, ethical, theological, metaphysical, the application (or misuse) of technology, etc. Many, though not all, of these movies become...
  18. O

    300winmag load data whats ur favorite

    So wanna load some 300winmag pefer 180-200 was curious whats everyone's favorite load Thanks
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