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Mag, MAG or mags may refer to:

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  1. C

    Gen 4 Glock 21 (Only 1 mag fired through it)

    Purchased well over a year ago, Will come with factory glock box with normal accessories, 2 aftermarket 26 round mags, and a little less then 100 rounds of federal hst hollow points, pretty much a brand new gun, Selling for $500 obo or will trade/cash for a Glock 48, Glock 19x, or a Glock 45...
  2. S

    Springfield RO Compact .45 and Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Mag

    Springfield Range Officer Compact .45 ACP. - 3 Mag’s - Cross Breed super tuck IWB holster - Cross Breed 2 mag carrier - Original Springfield holster - Original carrying case $650 Ruger Super Redhawk - 44 Mag - 9.5” Barrel - soft case $650
  3. JD42

    WTS OR  Savage short action mag.

    Hi I have a as new Savage short action mag. Shipped $25 PayPal gift or fee or postal money order
  4. WMGman

    Ruger Redhawk 44 mag

    I have for sale an excellent condition Ruger Redhawk 44 mag, box and holster. $900
  5. GOG

    Anyone have a Magpul D60 mag?

    Are they any good? Search turned up zilch and I don't trust gun mag reviews. If they're good, picking one up would be a fine center digit salute to Salem. *For my fiance's pistol. Three guesses who'll be loading it. ;)
  6. Hyak55171

    WTB WA  338 win mag

    Looking for a 33 win mag
  7. J

    Smith & Wesson 629-6 44 mag

    Manufactured in 2015. This Smith is in excellent condition. 4 inch barrel, single action and smooth double action trigger, very tight lockup, adjustable sights with red front post. $650
  8. L

    WTS OR  Glock Single Stack mag Holders

    Two Kytex Shooting Gear mag holders for Glock 9 mm single stack magazines. Never used, cost $40. $20 mailed USPS/Paypal only
  9. R

    Weatherby 7mm rem mag weatherguard

    This is a brand new Weatherby 7mm rem mag , ceracote finish, New Vortex 4 x 12 scope, composite stock. It has been fired about 8 rounds to site in only. Cleaned, oiled and stored in gun safe, asking $950 OBO
  10. B

    WTS WA  Volquartsen 25 round mag for 17hmr/22mag

    Volquartsen 25 round Volquartsen magazine for 22mag/17 hmr. As new, excellent condition. Metal, sturdy reliable. No longer offered by Volquartsen. $125
  11. User 1234

    Fireside reading: The history of the drum mag

    Bang the Drum Magazine Slowly - The Mag Life
  12. FeralGSXR

    WTS OR  Canik TP9SF Elite 9mm OD Green Slide w/Extra 15rd Mag

    If you are not already familiar with Canik and the TP9 series, Canik is a fantastic value-for-money Turkish arms mfg who are famous for rapid upgrading their products based on user feedback, and the TP9 series is basically a heavily-upgraded Walther P99 copy used by the Turkish military. This...
  13. DirectDrive

    G20 Mag Sale

    G20 Gen 4 15rd mags $19.99 (cheeep shipping, too) CDNN SPORTS - Magazines
  14. Velzey

    Ruger Old Model Vaquero .44 mag

    $575 Here is a very nice old model Ruger Vaquero, chambered in .44 magnum. 4.6” barrel, case hardened finish on the frame. Action is very smooth and it locks up nice and tight. It doesn’t have any flame cutting! Bluing is in great shape. Black ejector housing has a few paint chips in the black...
  15. DB Wesner

    Should you mix JHP & FMJ ammo in the same mag?

    OK, So I was at the range a few weeks back and overheard a convo about how a guy fills his mags with both JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) & FMJ (Full Metal Jacket). His premise was that if he needed more penetration he's have it on hand as he stacked his mags with alternating ammo types. I have my...
  16. S

    Tikka T3 300 Win Mag

    Wood stock, Blued 24.250" barrel comes with Talley light weight 30 mm rings. Shoots like a Tikka! Less than a box of rounds through her. (I picked up a Sako in the same caliber) $650:)
  17. Cape_hunter

    WTS OR  Benelli M1S90 18.5 barrel, stock, ghost rings, mag ext

    For sale Benelli M1 super 90 18.5" barrel with ghost ring set up Ext mag tube includes spring (no follower) Stick no longer available. No trades Shipping on your dime $325
  18. 3

    WTS OR  Winchester Brass 41 Rem Mag, qty 200, New

    This is brand new unprimed in 2 unopened bags of 100 ea. Winchester PN wsc41rmu Not interested in trades. $40 Email or text 503-830-7818