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Mag, MAG or mags may refer to:

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  1. S

    AR Magazine Pouches

    $30 for the whole lot Trade? .308 147/150gr fmj bullets .357/.38 158gr bullets .45 185/230gr bullets Primers: Lg Rifle, Sm Rifle, Sm Pistol unique, W748 or IMR4064 Powder Garand Enbloc Clips Includes what it pictured, except for the magazines..... 1-Tan MOLLE single magazine pouch 3- Black...
  2. C

    Gen 4 Glock 21 (Only 1 mag fired through it)

    Purchased well over a year ago, Will come with factory glock box with normal accessories, 2 aftermarket 26 round mags, and a little less then 100 rounds of federal hst hollow points, pretty much a brand new gun, Selling for $500 obo or will trade/cash for a Glock 48, Glock 19x, or a Glock 45...
  3. GOG

    Anyone have a Magpul D60 mag?

    Are they any good? Search turned up zilch and I don't trust gun mag reviews. If they're good, picking one up would be a fine center digit salute to Salem. *For my fiance's pistol. Three guesses who'll be loading it. ;)
  4. Hyak55171

    WTB WA  338 win mag

    Looking for a 33 win mag
  5. L

    Glock Single Stack mag Holders

    Two Kytex Shooting Gear mag holders for Glock 9 mm single stack magazines. Never used, cost $40. $20 mailed USPS/Paypal only
  6. R

    Weatherby 7mm rem mag weatherguard

    This is a brand new Weatherby 7mm rem mag , ceracote finish, New Vortex 4 x 12 scope, composite stock. It has been fired about 8 rounds to site in only. Cleaned, oiled and stored in gun safe, asking $950 OBO
  7. User 1234

    Fireside reading: The history of the drum mag

    Bang the Drum Magazine Slowly - The Mag Life
  8. DirectDrive

    G20 Mag Sale

    G20 Gen 4 15rd mags $19.99 (cheeep shipping, too) CDNN SPORTS - Magazines
  9. DB is Here

    Should you mix JHP & FMJ ammo in the same mag?

    OK, So I was at the range a few weeks back and overheard a convo about how a guy fills his mags with both JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) & FMJ (Full Metal Jacket). His premise was that if he needed more penetration he's have it on hand as he stacked his mags with alternating ammo types. I have my...