Street-Legal is the 18th studio album by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, released on June 15, 1978 by Columbia Records. The album was a departure for Dylan, who uses a large pop-rock band including female backing vocalists.

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  1. donovan

    National  Affordable Legal Backing and Representation for Use of Force and Lawsuits

    Ending up in a use of force situation can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more in lawyer fees, court fees, and take a lot of time away. We are representatives for a couple of programs that give members legal backing for a very affordable monthly fee. One program covers the criminal side if...
  2. donovan

    Legal backing for concealed carry

    I am set up to be able to sign people up for legal defense through LegalShield that covers concealed carry and use of force incidents (including trial defense for civil and criminal proceedings), and unlike many other programs this covers any other issue that you would need legal defense for as...
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