A trigger is a mechanism that actuates the function of a ranged weapon such as a firearm, airgun, crossbow, or speargun. The word may also be used to describe a switch that initiates the operation of other non-shooting devices such as a trap, a power tool or a quick release. A small amount of energy applied to the trigger leads to the release of much more energy.
Most triggers use a small flattened lever (called the trigger blade) depressed by the index finger, but some weapons such as the M2 Browning machine gun or the Iron Horse TOR ("thumb-operated receiver") use a push-button-like thumb-actuated trigger design, and others like the Springfield Armory M6 Scout use a squeeze-bar trigger similar to the "ticklers" on medieval European crossbows. Although the word "trigger" technically implies the entire mechanism (known as the trigger group), colloquially it is usually used to refer specifically to the trigger blade.
Most firearm triggers are "single-action", meaning that the trigger is designed only for the single function of disengaging the sear, which allows for a spring-tensioned hammer/striker to be released. In "double-action" firearm designs, the trigger also perform the additional function of cocking the hammer – and there are many designs where the trigger is used for a range of other functions.

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  1. Reno

    Savage 110 aftermarket triggers?

    Is it worth it? Timney makes one as does Elftmann. Or just adjust the accutrigger till it goes off with a bump? Thanks, Reno
  2. gryghin

    National  ATF is going after FRT

    Didn't see this posted yet. "Biden Pulls a Trump Card – Rare Breed FRT-15 Trigger Now Classified as a Machine Gun" "The agency famous for once declaring a shoe string a machine gun has now targeted Florida-based company Rare Breed Triggers."...
  3. Koda

    Custom Glock Triggers

    Couple of questions, I was looking at Apex and Zev triggers do either improve the trigger performance? Whats a good crisp custom drop in trigger for the Glock platform?
  4. M

    Wot and rare breed triggers

    Buyer's be Ware Pay attention to highlighted line number 2
  5. G

    Ar-15 after market triggers

    There was a thread earlier about the best after triggers for an ar-15 and I cant find it . so tell me again what your opinions are. Thank all of you for your very appreciated input. gunrnr
  6. K

    Montana  Can anyone tell me if Binary triggers are legal in Montana

    Can anyone tell me if binary triggers are lawful in Montana?
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