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  1. DB is Here

    National  Everytown for Gun Safety issues July 4 call for sensitivity: 'Consider gun violence survivors'

    Everytown for Gun Safety issues July 4 call for sensitivity: ‘Consider gun violence survivors’ Really?
  2. L84Cabo

    911 Call With Intruders In The House

    This is pretty crazy call from a homeowner who called 911 after his house was broken into. Note that it took a good 10 minutes for police to arrive on scene...during which time the homeowner had to shoot one of the robbers and hide out in his closet. It really solidifies the notion that, "you're...
  3. DB is Here

    Other State  Bill Call For Charges Against Gun Owners If Kids Get Weapons

    Bill Call For Charges Against Gun Owners If Kids Get Weapons
  4. Capn Jack

    Washington  Call from the NRA

    I trust those that got a call from the NRA today responded with a call to their Local legislator. Mine is Barbara Bailey and a real person answered the line. I informed them of the bills I hoped she was voting against and I was assured that she was indeed voting against them. Sorry, I threw my...
  5. L

    Road Rage call (or the Great Parking Lot Standoff) Lawrence, KS

    Gotta read the twitter feed from the Lawrence PD to really enjoy. Short version: Car-1 wants the parking spot Car-2 is leaving. Neither one will move for the other. Comments by the PD rep are especially funny. Lawrence Police on Twitter
  6. 11Charlie

    Coyote Hunting

    So an opportunity has arisen for me and one buddy to go coyote hunting in Eastern Oregon on private land. My question to all of you who do this is what do you use to call them in? Is there one that works better than another? Also what caliber rifle do you guys use? I was told that some of...
  7. Sporting Systems

    Call to Action - No on 1639 Sign Installs Saturday 10/13 9 AM

    We have loads of big No on 1639 signs, but need volunteers to help set up. If you can't pitch in dollars to fight, perhaps some labor? We have a pile of signs, but precious few people to put them up. Please, pitch in for half a day or more. SATURDAY 10/13, 9 AM @ Clark County Republican...
  8. J

    Recommendations for diaphragm elk call

    Greetings, all! I have ZERO experience using any sort of elk call, but would like to get one and begin practicing. I am interested in a roof-of-the-mouth, diaphragm-style call. Do people have specific make/model recommendations for a good, all-around call? Thanks, Josh
  9. Howard1955

    National  D-Day Call Out

    D-Day Call Out, parts 1 & 2 D-Day National Call out D-Day National Call Out Pt.2 Here’s a screenshot of a conversation about the details of the event.
  10. N

    National  Attorney Ben Shapiro on John Paul Stevens' call to Repeal the Second Amendment

    Good rebuttal to call for repeal of 2A last month:
  11. gmerkt

    Which battle rifle is more robust? The M1 Garand or the M14-M1A? Your call

    This afternoon, I was out shooting one of my M1A's. I had the same nagging thought about that flash suppressor. It's way out there. My feeling for some time has been that this is an appendage that is in hazard's way. And once dislodged, you've also lost your front sight which is attached to...
  12. IronMonster

    So do you call the cops when someone steals 200 pounds of pot from you?

    Armed robbers flee with stolen firearms, two hundred pounds of marijuana - KIEM-TV | News Channel 3 Apparently so.
  13. slimmer13

    CNNs "compromised" on what they call assault weapons

    The jist of it: you can keep your AR but it has to be stored at a designated depository where you can check it and the ammo for it (providing you have a valid need). Apparently this will make everyone happy. I'll pass. What a joke of a "network: Sachs: A modest proposal on guns (Opinion) - CNN
  14. Mikej

    Who do you call to move BIG stuff.....

    I know there's folks out there that move the large stuff. Safes, pianos, the bizarre, etc. I used to have a name and number but can't find it now. I've got friend that needs a huge pot with a tree in it moved from the back of my truck in front of her house, to the back of her house.
  15. old11bravo

    I call bull feces on the whole energy drink blame game!!

    As a guy who has worked the graveyard shift for the majority of the last ten years, I can tell you, I consume at least two Absolute Zero (no calories) Monsters, sometimes three a night. That is in addition to bottomless coffee pot I keep brewed in my office for myself and my crew. Yeah, yeah, I...
  16. 7

    Washington  WA state SB 5050 and SB 5444 Call to Action

    SB 5050 and SB 5444 Call to Action Below is a step by step process for those who are uncertain of how the process works. Right now Washington State is facing some of the most extreme gun measures in its history. We need to get everyone on board to help fight this. This is what you can do to...
  17. HuckleberryFun

    Oregon Background Check: Gun Shop Call Backs

    Every time I purchase a firearm since moving to Oregon some years ago I get delayed for several minutes waiting for a call back. Every single time! Looks like someone with the same name as me has a criminal record. This person died 15 years ago and has a different birthday and Social Security...
  18. U

    Editors of the Los Angeles Times call for banning the sale of handguns that don't have microstamping

    Even though the technology is not viable, and has not been proven to be reliable and practical to implement, the editors want it to become mandatory right away. And if your gun does not have microstamping technology in it? Why then it has to be banned from being sold. This shows just how...
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