Action may refer to:
Action, the events represented in a story or play: the action is set in the country (New Oxford American Dictionary)
Action, is one of the modes of fiction.
Action (philosophy)
Action (physics), an attribute of the development of a system over a period of time
Action fiction, a type of genre fiction
Action film, a genre of film
Action game, a genre of video game

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  1. Andy54Hawken

    Show your pump action shotguns...

    The classic pump action comes in many forms and makes... I have three at the moment all Remington 870 Wingmasters. A 20 gauge from 1963 with a 28 inch barrel and Modified choke... A 12 gauge from 1975 with a 28 inch barrel and Modified choke... And lastly a 12 gauge from 1981 with a 18...
  2. P

    Pedersen Device in action

    Pedersen Device in action...
  3. ditchtiger

    Cricket Bolt Action Pistol .22

    Bought one of these the other day. Just so I could shoot powderless Colibri ammo in the back yard. And I thought it was neat. With the 10.5" barrel and this ammo sounds like a co2 pistol. Have not used 22lr ammo yet but the Colibri will do 1" groups at 25 yards.
  4. T

    Oregon  TownHalls - Local action - Tualitin Jun 18th

    This information was passed onto me to share with others in/near the Tualitin area. Townhalls can be a place to challenge/praise politicians where they cannot just send you away. Or expose them for how uneducated they might be on a subject. Rumor is that Ceasefire may be in attendance, no...
  5. Velzey

    Chiappa .357 lever action project

    This one is a fun one. For a good friend of mine here on NWFA. He requested something a little different for his Chiappa. Slicked up all the internal parts. Making it butter smooth.:) Pulled the octagon barrel off, trimmed it back to 17”, recrowned. Turned the barrel round back to the wood...
  6. ZigZagZeke

    Magtech 556 Ammo Recall

    It's just one particular lot number that may have incorrect powder loads... Magtech is recalling one (1) lot of 5.56 x 45mm Ball M193 - Magtech
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