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Remington may refer to:

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  1. TooManyCalibers

    Pair of 1911s and Pair of Revolvers

    Ruger sr1911 Target 10mm with 6 mags and close to 300 rounds of ammo $800 Remington R1 Enhanced Threaded Barrel 1911 45acp with 8 mags $600 Rossi m720 44 special DAO 5 shot revolver with wood grips $400 Taurus 605 357 mag 5 shot revolver $250 Would sell all 4 as a package for $1800 if...
  2. Joe Link

    Show your rimfire rifles!

    Show your rimfire rifles!
  3. B

    12-Gauge Over-Under for Sporting Clays

    Looking for a good deal on a quality used Over-Under for occasional sporting clays. Specs: Interchangeable chokes 12 gauge 30" ± barrels Ejectors I am not looking for a $5,000 showpiece. I'm looking for a shooter — but not one held together with duct-tape. I like the fit of the...
  4. S

    Bags of Remington Lead Shot

    I have three bags, roughly 20-25 pounds each. I am just never going to get into shotshell reloading.... Remington Field Grade Lead Shot, #2 One bag has a little duct tape on it, but its pretty much the same as the others... $30ea or $75 for all 3 Located in Vancouver, can meet in PDX some days
  5. S

    Flashlight Mount for Shotgun

    Pretty much brand new... mounted to the gun but never left the safe after that. Got a line on a Surefire forend, so this is useless now. Mounts a 1" flashlight to your 12ga This is on a Mossberg, but I believe that it is universal to any 12ga Mounts on either the left or right side $20...
  6. skeezix

    WTS: Remington R1 Commander .45 ACP

    Dawson F.O. front sight paired with a 10-8 Performance rear. Wilson BP extractor. I also have the original parts. Very nice solid pistol. Looked practically new when I bought it and I've put 560 rounds through it. 2 - 7 round mags and bushing wrench. $450
  7. kmisa

    M24 Style Custom Rifle in 308

    For sale is a custom-built rifle chambered in 308 Win modeled after the M24, about the only thing left from the original rifle purchased is the Action & bolt, everything else has been upgraded to optimize shooting potential. The parts list is as follows: -The action is a blueprinted Remington...
  8. OregonJohn

    Remington 700 varmint 22-250 HS Precision

    I have a nice Remington 700 VS varmint in 22-250. 26” varmint profile barrel. Barrel has some freckling and wear from use and carry. Crown looks good but muzzle has blueing loss shown in pictures. Bolt is clean and looks to be not shot much. Has the j-lock. Very nice HS Precision stock on these...
  9. Erock

    Built Remington 870 Express with second barrel

    In an attempt at being arty, I took these photos in a cabinet. Not great. Won’t happen again. For sale is my Rem 870, because I just don’t shoot it. 18” Remington Police barrel, 28” Remington vent rib barrel, scattergun technologies magazine extension, spring, and follower, Daniel Defense...
  10. GreenBean

    Remington 700

    -Remington 700 aac-sps -Caliber 308 -Barrel length 18 1/2in -Muzzle break Dead air -Trigger Timmy Calvin Elite -Rail Seeking Precision 0moa -Cheek rest Kydex kit -Cerakote OD Green excluding bolt -Stock standard Asking $700 Split transfer fee at Curts Discount Shooting Possible trade
  11. Flubb

    WTS: Remington R51

    Remington R51 9mm - $230 +shipping This gun is BRAND NEW, unfired, still has the factory lube. This is the unusual smoke frame model, no difference to the regular black one other than color. Comes with 2 magazines. 2 additional magazines available at $25 each.