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Battle rifles are post-World War II, magazine fed, military service rifles, that fire a full-power rifle cartridge, such as the FN FAL, the M14 and the H&K G3.
The term "battle rifle" was created largely out of a need to better differentiate the intermediate-power assault rifles (e.g. StG-44, AK-47 and M16) from full-powered automatic rifles (e.g. FN FAL, M14 and H&K G3) as both classes of firearms have a similar appearance and share many of the same features such as detachable magazines, pistol grips, etc.
This term may also describe older military full-powered semi-automatic rifles such as the M1 Garand, the MAS-49 and the FN-49. Before the 1990s, the term was not well defined and was used as a general description for all types of military rifles.

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  1. gmerkt

    Which battle rifle is more robust? The M1 Garand or the M14-M1A? Your call

    This afternoon, I was out shooting one of my M1A's. I had the same nagging thought about that flash suppressor. It's way out there. My feeling for some time has been that this is an appendage that is in hazard's way. And once dislodged, you've also lost your front sight which is attached to...
  2. AK0perator47

    Why get a 308

    I am just curious about why get a MSR/Battle Rifle in 308/762 NATO? This pertains to AR10, FAL, Cetme, Scar, HK 91/G3, M1 etc. Please don't just say it is America so why not? I ask why not just take an M1 Abrams into gang areas and solve the problem? I ask for input and information because I am...
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