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Stevens may refer to:

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  1. Bluesteel9

    Stevens 1915 Repair and Restoration.

    Here are a few picks of a recent restoration of a 1915 Stevens Favorite .22 single shot that I recently completed. The stock was in reasonable condition but the receiver and barrel were filled with rust patches. The firing pin was broken and seized in the breech block and somehow (go figure) the...
  2. Soren

    Stevens 311a 12 guage SxS Info

    I picked up a Stevens 311a yesterday. I know it was built in 1957 because of the "I" in the circle. Does anyone know what the "PJ" before the circled "I" mean?
  3. GOG

    Stevens 511 Coach Gun Project

    It's not much of a project really, but it might encourage some folks to give it a try. I bought a Stevens 511 12ga. SxS from a member here last week with the intention of cutting it down. So I did and here's how. Removed the wood from the shotgun then measured very carefully and cut the barrel...
  4. J

    Stevens model ID?

    I have recently acquired my grandfathers Stevens single shot 12 gage farm gun. I want to restore the gun to preserve it for future generations when I pass it down to my son. This will be my first time doing a total restore, and rebluing the barrel and small parts. I can't find the model of the...
  5. K

    Stevens 301 shotgun

    Does anyone know if the receiver on the Stevens 301 shotgun can handle cartridge adapters? I know the NEF shotguns with the SB1 receivers is weak and only a few calibers are recommended to shoot. The H&R Handi Rifles will handle the adapters used in the shotgun.
  6. Jquick9

    Newbie in Lake Stevens

    Heyya! Wheelgunner at heart and hope to find more here.
  7. 2A-Jay

    New Stevens 320 Security

    I got a Stevens 12GA Security model at Big 5 Sporting Goods. total time spent waiting for 4473 was 15 minutes. First time I ever bought a Shotgun. Do they all come Assembly Required? It was a simple task just surprised is all.
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