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Shop may refer to:
Shopping, or a shopping venue such as a retail shop, online shop, or market
A workshop
A machine shop
A business, in slang
"Shop class", an industrial arts educational program

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  1. Andy54Hawken

    Rendezvous at Greene's Gun Shop...

    August 9th , 10th , and 11th... Greene's Gun Shop 4778 Monkey Hill Rd. Oak Harbor 360.375.3421 $35.00 for camp and shooting fee Traditional Muzzleloaders modern inline rifles please. Bring a "blanket Prize" Family Friendly - Public welcome ***Free Admittance to just check things out...
  2. draza

    Is it possible for a gun shop to seperate an upper from a lower?

    Is it possible for a gun shop to sell an upper receiver from a complete AR separately? I feel like they SHOULD be able to considering they can just order another upper. But besides that even, they may not even want to if they even could.. Thoughts?
  3. DB is Here

    Other State  Maryland gun shop robbery leaves 1 dead; 4 at large

    Maryland gun shop robbery leaves 1 dead; 4 at large
  4. spookshack

    Local embroidery shop

    Looking for a local embroidery shop that does ball caps. I already have the cap with the current embroidery but would like to have a new one done up with a slight color change.
  5. LuLuBelle

    Kimber Pro Custom Shop 4" .45 ACP FLAWLESS

    This fine firearm has to go to make room for a CZ75 Shadow I or II ( if you happen to have one to trade or sell let me know please. ) Pistol has NO WEAR and very low round count thru it. Its been a properly cleaned, lubed and babied since it was born. I am an adult and properly trained in .45...
  6. wired

    Gun shop morons

    Bought a house in South Carolina this morning ...or at least my offer on one was accepted, so like everyone else when confronted with a new life milestone I buy or build a gun. I had a SIG Rattler top end I picked up on a pretty good sale last week so I went shopping for a virgin lower to build...
  7. P

    Pics of a gun shop in the 90's...

    Taking a break from cleaning the gun room (got sidetracked loading up some more rounds, anyway) and thought I'd post some pics of my dad's gun shop he used to own. He owned Husky Sport Shop in Moscow, ID from the late `70's until it was sold and bulldozed to make way for an Auto Zone in 2012...
  8. DB is Here

    Other State  One-stop shop for gun sales, training & entertainment

    Coming Soon: One-stop shop for gun sales, training & entertainment Pretty cool...
  9. Mark W.

    Vote for my SIL Machne shop

    My son in law is trying to win a Fed Ex Small Business Grant. If any of you would be of a mind to help out by voting it would be much appreciated. They have done work for the US Navy and everyone there is a 2nd Amendment supporter. 2019 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest
  10. W

    Colt Custom Shop 38 Super in bright S.S.

    A long time I bought this Colt Custom 38 Super in bright stainless steel, shot a few rounds and boy-o-boy is a straight shooter, and LOUD! After the first shot I put the gun down and went into the house and found my ear plugs. I hope that the pic's show just how clean and bright. I also have 5...
  11. Northwest Firearms

    Gator's Custom Guns

    This thread is for the general discussion of the gunsmith Gator's Custom Guns. Please add to the discussion here.
  12. Andy54Hawken

    Hawken Shop Black Powder Shoot...New Date...

    New Date *** 13 APRIL *** 10.00 AM $2.00 Entry fee Greene's Gun Shop ( The Hawken Shop ) 4778 Monkey Hill Rd. Oak Harbor Wa. 360.675.3421 Traditional Muzzleloading rifle...Caplock or Flintlock...Roundball only Iron sights... 10 shots @25 yards , Offhand... 10 shots @50 yards , Offhand... Bring...