A gun shop (also known by various other names such as firearm store and gun store) is a business establishment that sells small arms, such as handguns and shotguns, to individuals in an open shopping format. Other items such as ammunition and accessories for hunting are frequently sold on the premises as well, even including souvenir t-shirts. Often having designs reminiscent of other establishments such as department stores displaying various items of clothing on racks and grocery stores displaying various foodstuffs on shelves, these firms operate under widely different gun control laws depending on the specific nation-state and locality involved. Some locations may only employ a single gunsmith in a small space while others might have many individuals working in a large space.
Although the advent of online shopping has changed the business of gun stores, the ability for customers to interact face to face with store dealers often is seen as having advantages, examples being personally guiding individuals buying firearms through the regulated purchase processes set up by local and national laws. Employees may also offer specific advice about firearm specifications. Various firearm-related websites exist that partner, either directly or indirectly, with physical stores.
In the United States, gun shops are required to have a permitting notice known as a Federal Firearms License. These licenses exist in order to administer federally mandated regulations such as bans on straw purchasing.

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  1. vegaordnance

    Hello NWF Community! Vega Ordnance

    Hello NorthWest Firearms Community! We're super excited to join you all from the Battleborn State in Henderson, Nevada 😎 -Vega Ordnance
  2. Andy54Hawken

    Rendezvous at Greene's Gun Shop...

    August 9th , 10th , and 11th... Greene's Gun Shop 4778 Monkey Hill Rd. Oak Harbor 360.375.3421 $35.00 for camp and shooting fee Traditional Muzzleloaders only....no modern inline rifles please. Bring a "blanket Prize" Family Friendly - Public welcome ***Free Admittance to just check things out...
  3. draza

    Is it possible for a gun shop to seperate an upper from a lower?

    Is it possible for a gun shop to sell an upper receiver from a complete AR separately? I feel like they SHOULD be able to considering they can just order another upper. But besides that even, they may not even want to if they even could.. Thoughts?
  4. DB is Here

    Other State  Maryland gun shop robbery leaves 1 dead; 4 at large

    Maryland gun shop robbery leaves 1 dead; 4 at large
  5. wired

    Gun shop morons

    Bought a house in South Carolina this morning ...or at least my offer on one was accepted, so like everyone else when confronted with a new life milestone I buy or build a gun. I had a SIG Rattler top end I picked up on a pretty good sale last week so I went shopping for a virgin lower to build...
  6. PNWguy

    Pics of a gun shop in the 90's...

    Taking a break from cleaning the gun room (got sidetracked loading up some more rounds, anyway) and thought I'd post some pics of my dad's gun shop he used to own. He owned Husky Sport Shop in Moscow, ID from the late `70's until it was sold and bulldozed to make way for an Auto Zone in 2012...
  7. Northwest Firearms

    Gator's Custom Guns

    This thread is for the general discussion of the gunsmith Gator's Custom Guns. Please add to the discussion here.
  8. Tony617

    Other State  At the only gun shop in Thousand Oaks, fearful residents decide it's time to buy a gun

    At the only gun shop in Thousand Oaks, fearful residents decide it's time to buy a gun

    Local gun shop told me headspace was perfect. Beginning to question that.

    Was told by a local gun shop that the headspace in my 6.5 grendel build was perfect. Went out shooting today and a case was a stuck in the chamber. I had to take the upper off the lower and pry the bcg from the barrel. When I inspected the case they it looked like this Black Hills Gold 6.5...
  10. Reno

    Lowprices gun shop - bot?

    Just curious if anyone shops at this store or can verify they truly are behind the random stuff being posted by them @LowPriceGuns can post here to verify his intentions too. I’ve been reading that bots and antis are taking to forums like NWFA and stirring the pot by any means necessary...
  11. joken

    Buds Gun shop

    Ordered a gun that hasn't shipped yet and looking at the order it appears that I accidently clicked on the wrong FFL for delivery. I contacted them via their chat line and was told to call tomorrow and ask for a supervisor and maybe they could cancel my order. I'm a little slow sometimes, but I...
  12. 40Garand

    Davidsons/Gun Genie vs a real gun shop

    Just a quick PSA after several observations over the past few years. Davidsons.com vs. XYZ Gun Store. Just wanted to share with folks that are new to the internet or firearms purchasing. Gun stores have their own current in-store stock of guns. Davidsons.com does not dictate or show XYZ’s...
  13. BlackdogGS

    Gun shop by Gladstone Harley shop?

    I noticed this shop on my way to Newburg but didn't have time to stop. I was thinking it said Grays Tactical but I could be wrong. It had a Glock and Steiner sign in the window. With what little info I have I was unable to find their web sight or contact info. Anyone know the real name of the...
  14. doomsday


  15. HuckleberryFun

    Oregon Background Check: Gun Shop Call Backs

    Every time I purchase a firearm since moving to Oregon some years ago I get delayed for several minutes waiting for a call back. Every single time! Looks like someone with the same name as me has a criminal record. This person died 15 years ago and has a different birthday and Social Security...
  16. The JOe

    Where do you even find an OK gun shop in Everett? or anywhere around there

    Nobody has an FN 5.7, or Sig p320, or Tavor, or M&P Core,or PM30, or scorpion, or anything different. i had all those that i sold in CA for what i paid for them to not rip anyone off thinking "i can buy another one in Washington. there are no gunshops worth a damn near me anyhow. and cabela's...
  17. ThemGunsThough

    Buds Gun Shop raising price on me while checking out

    Okay, so I HAVE to do this and just vent. There's been a gun i've had my eye on at buds for the past 2 days. I've been monitoring the price and checking to make sure the FFL fees were as advertised. Well, just about 10 minutes ago I was on buds and put in a price match request to which they...
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