King is the title given to a male monarch in a variety of contexts. The female equivalent is queen regnant (while the title of queen on its own usually refers to the consort of a king).
In the context of prehistory, antiquity and contemporary indigenous peoples, the title may refer to tribal kingship. Germanic kingship is cognate with Indo-European traditions of tribal rulership (c.f. Indic rājan, Gothic reiks, and Old Irish rí, etc.)
In the context of classical antiquity, king may translate Latin rex or either Greek archon or basileus.
In classical European feudalism, the title of king as the ruler of a kingdom is understood as the highest rank in the feudal order, potentially subject, at least nominally, only to an emperor (harking back to the client kings of the Roman Empire).
In a modern context, the title may refer to the ruler of one of a number of modern monarchies (either absolute or constitutional). The title of king is used alongside other titles for monarchs, in the West prince, emperor, archduke, duke or grand duke, in the Middle East sultan or emir; etc.
^ The notion of a king being below an emperor in the feudal order, just as a duke is the rank below the king, is more theoretical than historical: the only kingdom within the Holy Roman Empire was the Kingdom of Bohemia; the Austrian Empire technically contained the kingdom of Hungary, but the emperor and the king were the same person. The modern Russian Empire and German Empire did not include any kingdoms; only the short-lived First French Empire (1804–1814/5) did include a number of client kingdoms under Napoleon I, such as the Kingdom of Italy or the Kingdom of Westphalia.
^ Pine, L.G. (1992). Titles: How the King became His Majesty. New York: Barnes & Noble. p. 86. ISBN 978-1-56619-085-5.

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  1. O

    Washington  armed intruder prowling king county

    looks like someone is casing the east side with a rifle. definitely not something you want to see Prowler caught on surveillance cams carrying a rifle in Renton, Newcastle
  2. PNWguy

    Worst Burger King, ever. Othello.

    Wow! What a dumpster fire! Girlfriend and I were headed back to Pullman area from Seattle yesterday and decided to stop at the Burger King in Othello. Had a weekend of non-keto debauchery and decided to finish it up with a Whopper and onion rings. Walked in and there were three customers in...
  3. po18guy

    So. King No. Pierce County area FFL to ship gun for repair?

    Auburn/Enumclaw/Federal Way/Bonney Lake/Kent?
  4. Medic!

    A new King Cobra from Colt.

    So. We get a new King Cobra with a 3'' barrel. We just got a Cobra 38 in 2017. Cant we just jump forward to the Python? ;) These new colts look nothing like there name sakes. But I may get one just because I'd like a 3'' barreled revolver. What do you say? Colt's Manufacturing LLC
  5. B

    Where can I buy stripped lowers today in King County?

    Before the new law goes into effect. Too late to order online.
  6. etrain16

    King Tut @ OMSI

    Took the day off work yesterday to attend the King Tut exhibit at OMSI with my wife, daughter and the kids in her school. I knew this wouldn't be a collection of the original artifacts as I understand that no longer tours, but I wasn't sure if it would be any good. Well, I was definitely pleased...
  7. Joe Link

    Washington  Push for gun-storage laws continues as King County approves ordinance and voters weigh in on I-1639

    Push for gun-storage laws continues as King County approves ordinance and voters weigh in on I-1639
  8. HuckleberryFun

    Other State  The Lion King 3D Gun

    A puppet specialist for the Broadway play The Lion King has been arrested in New York for using the theater’s 3D printer to make a gun. I expect we’ll be seeing more of this as the technology becomes more common. I don’t care much for “plastic guns,” but if a ban comes I’m getting a printer...
  9. teflon6string

    RIP Ed King

    Ed King, former guitarist for Lynyrd Skynyrd who co-wrote 'Sweet Home Alabama,' dead at 68 In this place that must not be spoken of, but where we drink and listen to music, I want to raise a toast to Ed King who played lead guitar in Sweet Home Alabama. Not the flashiest player on earth, and...
  10. B

    King County Can't Wait???

    Greetings, Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but came across this the other day...lest there be any doubt, it makes it pretty clear where this rung on their aspirational ladder is trying to take them (and us along with them)...Step 3 in particular...banning the possession or sale or...
  11. MDL

    Washington  King county McDermott's gun safety plan

    Copied from Breitbart news: King County, Washington, is considering the institution of a requirement that gun stores and gun ranges post signs on their premises warning of the health risks associated with firearm ownership and/or usage. The signs are being pushed by King County Council Chair Joe...
  12. Joe Link

    Washington  King County unveils new 'gun safety action plan'

    <broken link removed>
  13. IOM

    National  Stephen King Urges Gun Grabbers ‘Don’t Let Up’

    Amid failure to secure new gun laws, Stephen King is urging gun grabbers, “Don’t let up.” He wants gun control advocates to keep pushing and specifically notes that they should pursue a ban on “semi-auto rifles,” which he calls “school shooter guns.” King tweeted: "Hey kids! The NRA...
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