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A boat is a watercraft of a large range of sizes designed to float, plane, work or travel on water. Small boats are typically found on inland waterways (e.g., rivers and lakes) or in protected coastal areas. However, boats such as the whaleboat were designed for operation from a ship in an offshore environment. In naval terms, a boat is a vessel small enough to be carried aboard another vessel (a ship). Another less restrictive definition is a vessel that can be lifted out of the water. Some definitions do not make a distinction in size, as bulk freighters 1,000 feet (300 m) long on the Great Lakes are called oreboats. For reasons of naval tradition, submarines are usually referred to as 'boats' rather than 'ships', regardless of their size and shape. Ships are generally distinguished from boats based on their larger size, shape and cargo or passenger capacity.
Boats have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and construction methods due to their intended purpose, available materials or local traditions. Canoe-type boats have been used since prehistoric times and various versions are used throughout the world for transportation, fishing or sport. Fishing boats vary widely in style partly to match local conditions. Pleasure boats include ski boats, pontoon boats, and sailboats. House boats may be used for vacationing or long-term housing. Small boats can provide transport or convey cargo (lightering) to and from large ships. Lifeboats have rescue and safety functions. Boats can be powered by human power (e.g., rowboats), wind power (e.g., sailboats) and motor power (e.g., propellor-driven motorboats driven by gasoline or diesel engines).

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  1. Kruel J

    On the boat in Westport

    Hopefully we do well. Captain says we’re going out 30 miles for salmon! :eek:
  2. Massolo

    Hagg Lake & No Boat

    Anybody want a crewman to help them catch fish at Hagg Lake? Even though I'm old, I can still throw dynamite sticks like the best of them!:)
  3. pharmseller

    Splashed the boat today

    South Beach Marina, C dock, slip 44. Come on by sometime and say howdy. P
  4. mrblond

    anyone like crab and have a lot of money to spend on a boat ?

    Dock Street Brokers :: all yours for one low low price.. catch crab for you and your entire neighborhood.. Imagine the crab feasts you can do!:eek:
  5. FishnhuntOR

    New boat... what's the % mark up?

    I've been looking at boats off and on for years. Sometime it seems like the used market isn't really all that great vs new. I've seen some good deals, but those are usually gone in a hurry. My Q. what is the mark up on a new aluminum boat. Let's say alumaweld, north west, weldcraft, boulton...
  6. DirectDrive

    Camas Boat Collision

    A bad one not far from here. It's fun to be out on the water, but keep your head on a swivel. 1 killed, 1 critically injured in Camas boat collision
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