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  1. T

    Please help me ship some primers...

    Soooo seeing how crazy the price of primers are and having a bit of a personal surplus, I threw a brick on gunbroker at no reserve and let the free market do its thing. I now realize that shipping these things is damn near impossible. My question is, does anybody know of business or hazmat...
  2. bababoris

    Brownells won’t ship P80 Glock frames to WA?

    I thought buying and finishing then was still legal here but tried to order one and their website said they won’t ship to WA. Odd..
  3. Soli

    "We will not sell or ship to any area deemed to be unsafe..."

    ***This has been updated, in short they're flexible w/ their policy if you contact them directly.*** Found ammo at, overpriced, but not by today's standards. Ordered. Was happy. Then received the following email: "Date Ordered: Sunday 24 January, 2021 The comments for your...
  4. E

    Store will not ship item but will sell in store purchase

    This is 40 North. Item is in store stock but will not sell if they need to ship It.
  5. Lars

    Best way to ship a rifle

    What is the best way to ship a rifle from Oregon to Idaho. I’d need to buy a box, ship and insure. It looks like FedEx will accept a rifle at one of their shipping centers and UPS wants it dropped off at a hub. Money Market Pawn wants an extra $30 on top of shipping costs. Do FFLs get a...
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