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    Cast Performance Bullets

    Anyone ever use these with their 'Clear Lube' ? Sportsman's Whorehouse has a 500 round box of .45 ACP for like $49.95 and that's not a bad deal. Keep me shooting my 1911 for a while!
  2. Nwcid

    Random ammo

    What do you do with your random ammo? I seem to end up with lots of odds and ends ammo for some reason. It might have been from a buddy or in a box of misc stuff I bought or shot the rest but only have a couple left. An example would be 2rds of .223 hp unknown weight or a few rounds of .308 SP...
  3. Tom Hanks

    Bullets and brass .308

    A few bullets and brass for your consideration.. No longer shoot .308, so these will go. Forster and RCBS dies (2) available also. Will ship on buyer dime. Make an offer on the bunch, I'm not firm, but won't give away, either. For sale.... Nosler Custom Competition 350ea 175g $105 325ea 168g...
  4. S


    Various as pictured, boxes are open, but are full. I ship. $25 for the sst's $30 for the barnes $30 for the Bergers
  5. G

    Nosler Bullets 44 Caliber (429 Diameter) 200 Grain

    Nosler Bullets 44 Caliber (429 Diameter) 200 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Unopened Box of 250 $50
  6. G

    Nosler Bullets 38 Caliber (357 Diameter) 125 Grain

    Nosler Bullets 38 Caliber (357 Diameter) 125 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Unopened Box of 250 $40
  7. G

    250 Nosler Bullets 40 S&W, 10mm Auto

    Nosler Bullets 40 S&W, 10mm Auto (400 Diameter) 135 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Unopened Box of 250 $40
  8. Dizle

    9mm and 380 bullets for sale

    200 or so badman 380 lead bullets 100+ or so bear creek Molle coated 124 grain 9mm billets 250 Ish best creek molle coated 147 grain 9mm bullets 40 dollars for all
  9. Zoolander

    500 223 62gr FMJ SS109 Bullets

    New in unopened bag. Won't have time to reload these now.
  10. gunfreak

    9mm Bullets

    350 Gallant bullets. 127 grain polymer coated from a local source. I decided to stay with jacketed an a handful of these have marks on them but that will not effect reloading them, the majority are untouched. *The price includes shipping*
  11. Osprey_360

    1400 rounds of 22LR Remington Hollow Point Bucket o Bullets

    For sale is a new and unopened Bucket O Bullets by Remington. These are high velocity hollow points. 1400 rounds. 22LR Is very hard to find right now and will only get more difficult. These buckets are sold out everywhere online. Text (360) 980-5418
  12. N

    44 Mag ammo

    WTS: 44 Mag Factory loads Factory loaded Winchester 240grain boxes of 50 count at $32ea. PMC @ $25 Few 20 round defense boxes too @$20 ea. Misc. 44 Mag ammo as well, commercially reloaded and unknown handloads for components. Please inquire for details. Prefer local meet, I can ship USPS on...
  13. N

    44 Magnum brass and bullets

    WTS: 44 Mag brass and bullets Approx 480+pieces of mixed headstamps brass. 1x /2x mix. Some are sized, deprimed and belled. $13/100 New Virgin WW-Super (Winchester) brass, clean bright and shiny. All unprimed. 200 pieces @ $55 Remington 240grain JHP bullets, 362 pieces @ $25/100 250 count...
  14. E

    Dies, rifle bullets, 44mag brass

    Came across some leftovers from my reloading days. Prefer to sell to someone in the Olympia Washington area. 30’06. & 243 dies, miscellaneous bullets (see pic), bullet boxes on the left don’t have much bullets, all for $25. 230 44mag brass pieces $20.
  15. M

    Mihec Brass Molds...

    Mihec brass bullet molds. All new, all complete. MP 227-75 (4 cavity) MP 227-65 (4 cavity) These molds are specific to AR-15 use. Cut for gas checks. $65 each shippr MP 402-190 (4 cavity) Made for the 40 S&W/10 mm pins for hollow point and flat nose inc. MP 452-374 (4 cavity) Designed for 45...
  16. forestgrump

    500 Winchester/Olin 115gr 9mm Jacked Hollow Point Bullets Only

    Anybody what to trade me 500 9mm FMJ for 500 Winchester 115gr 9mm JHP