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  1. UnionMillsNW

    Hairline crack. Repair or....

    Hey Folks, I have a 20 gauge break action shotgun that was made around 1950. I've had it about 20 years and have sunk more money than a break action is worth. But it's a fun little shooter. I recently noticed a hairline crack on the left side of the stock. What would you do? Keep shooting...
  2. SrMachoSolo

    Radiator Repair - Portland Area

    Any recommendations for a radiator repair shop? I know of Mac's but I am not impressed with their price, and less impressed with their service. The other place I am considering is Wilson's in Vancouver. The guy I talked to on the phone was helpful, unlike my many experiences with Mac's. I am...
  3. Warren Andrew

    New to Northwest Firearms and ready to serve all of your firearm maintenance and repair needs.

    Battle Ground Gunsmith/Firearms dealer ready to service all of your firearm needs. Preservations, Restorations, Repairs, Upgrades, Transfers, Sales, Trades, and more. Traditional bluing, Cerakote, wood refinishing, and much more. Call or text 360-690-5168 and check out my Facebook page @Warren...
  4. S

    Gunsmith to repair Ruger black powder revolver

    Looking for a gunsmith in the Oregon City, Portland, Salem area that can repair a Ruger black powder revolver. Purchased new in the '90's, gave it to my son and he says it will not fire because of bad springs??? Have not seen it in decades but want it in firing order before I die. I need the...
  5. AnthonyNorfleet

    Suggestions needed for knife edge repair and sharpening.

    Who do you guys recommend for taking your knives to for sharpening? I'd prefer to stay local to the Lebanon/Albany area.
  6. F

    Anyone know of Tent trailer repair person?

    I'm still trying to get a tent trailer repaired...I borrowed this trailer and now I am responsible to return it as good or better. Any one know of someone or shop that will work on the lift system? Thanks
  7. J

    Auto body repair work?

    Greetings all, I'm wondering if anyone here does auto body work.... 1994 Toyota Hiace van....I need to replace the windshield seals (which I have), likely a windshield (may need to order from Japan), and repair/weld rust along edges before seals can be suitably reinstalled. Portland Metro...
  8. CLT65

    Basic revolver repair

    I would never call myself an actual "gunsmith", but sometimes it is nice to have some basic knowledge and parts lying around. Sometime back I bought a couple of old police trade-in S&W Model 10-5 revolvers, made in the '70s and re-imported from Europe after decades of use. They were cheap and...
  9. WAW44

    SMLE Coachwood stock repair - help

    So I have a project on my hands. Long story short, I bought a 41 Lithgow on Gunboards and got fleeced. The seller failed to disclose major damage to the Coachwood furniture. The stock would normally be a throw away, but replacement Coachwood stocks are unobtanuim. Thread here...
  10. F

    Looking for RV repair

    Anyone know someone or a good place to get a tent trailer repaired ... one of the cables went south. Thanks for any help!
  11. P

    Old New Baker needs stock repair or replacements.

    I could some advice on either where to source or how to fix this old family heirloom. I'd like to fix it and return it to my Dad. I know it has no monetary value but it hung over the kitchen door homestead in KS for decades. I've been looking for a replacement for a while now using all the sites...
  12. D

    Crosman 22 Airgun repair, leaks co2??

    Does anyone know of airgun repair, 22 crosman air 22 pistol leaks co2, I live in Spokane,Wa. Thanks
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