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  1. S

    Washington  Handgun wait times

    Are there any FFLs out there that can tell me about the wait times on hand guns? I know 1639 added waits to semi auto rifles but is there a wait time on hand guns too? I recently (7/24) bought a handgun from a local pawn shop and I was a little surprised to have to wait since i have a cpl...
  2. deadeye

    Very well stated

    This guy is good. I know it's older but very relevant.
  3. CaptJack

    Superbowl Sunday Halftime show - Wait for it.

    Let me say, I am almost over the Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem. For almost 2 years I stopped watching any football. This year I selectively watched Seahawks games only. I will say it, I am Happy Kaepernick is not playing in the NFL. I was disgusted with his kneeling during the...
  4. RangerEric

    Government Shutdown and NFA Wait Times

    Hey all - does anybody know if the background investigators or whoever it is that are responsible for letting my can out of NFA Jail are still working during the shutdown, or is that clock currently paused?
  5. L84Cabo

    GO WATCH THIS: Inside the long wait for help at Parkland

    This is a simulation of what went down in Parkland with a time clock, video from the cameras and the radio calls integrated. It's absolutely astounding how badly Broward County deputies failed those kids. Read the story first and take note of some of the comments in the story (I posted a few...
  6. Wayne

    Washington  Nics and insta check with CPL

    Beginning July 1, 2019, NICS will no longer extend the courtesy of completing a NICS check via telephone or electronically using E-Check for those purchasers with a CPL. Local law enforcement will be responsible for both the NICS checks and additional background checks for all handgun purchases...
  7. B

    King County Can't Wait???

    Greetings, Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but came across this the other day...lest there be any doubt, it makes it pretty clear where this rung on their aspirational ladder is trying to take them (and us along with them)...Step 3 in particular...banning the possession or sale or...
  8. jon321

    Form 1 filed last week what's average wait time?

    All excited about my first Form 1 suppressor purchase just curious on what the typical wait times are. Thanks
  9. Heyjoe

    Wait for feedback??

    Today I tried posting feedback to a members profile. When I hit enter, an error pops up saying to "wait x amount of hours before submitting a new rating for this user". I've never seen this, can anyone explain what the deal is?
  10. 9

    Current WA CPL Wait Time

    Went to the Sheriff's office in Vancouver on March 16th, was in and out in 20 minutes. They said it would be 30 days, still nothing. Anybody else experience longer than 30 day wait for CPL in Clark County? Debating whether I should call or stop in to check up on this, but wanted to give them...
  11. RicInOR

    Oregon  Governor Brown looking to get 3 day waiting period

    Gov Brown today - while signing the bill on confiscation -Boyfriend loophole - looking to get 3 day waiting period, as well as 21 to buy etc. So heads up. Why We Need Gun Control Now, According to a Governor Who Is Making It Happen
  12. EPS

    Wait time in Washington

    I was at Skagit arms today talking to the guy behind the counter and the owner when they got a phone call from a guy checking on his delay gun purchase it's TEN business days in Washington now for a delay last year it was five just so you know
  13. John Brown

    Washington  Transfer wait period?

    Hey there. I have done so few transfers I am unsure about this. If I meet a buyer at an FFL dealer and do a legal transfer, and he is a WA resident but does NOT have a CPL, will he be subject to a wait period before he can take the handgun home? If so, how long is it? Thanks
  14. B

    Average wait for a suppressor?

    What is the average wait time to get a tax stamp for a suppressor if I were to get it soon. I would be applying as an individual and not a trust. Thanks!
  15. awshoot

    44% of Americans Know Someone Killed by Gun Headline (seriously?)

    I've been seeing a headline that 44% of Americans know someone killed by gun. Example: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news-other/339023-pew-44-percent-of-americans-know-someone-who-has-been The full report and the questions asked are here: 1. The demographics of gun ownership...
  16. L84Cabo

    Brevard County Sheriff: We Can't Afford To Wait For The Attack

    Every sheriff and police chief in the country should be putting out a message like this one. :)
  17. C

    Florida CHL Short Wait

    Florida permits are showing up ahead of schedule. I just got mine back in about 5 weeks. I just thought I would let you all know.
  18. NoLimePlease

    NFA Tracker - Current wait time estimator for NFA submissions

    I wanted to start a thread on NW Firearms that stays current within our group. Please post here your submission dates only after you have received your NFA item's stamp in the mail. Another good source for predictions can be found here in a different format: /NFA Transfer Time Tracking NFA...
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