The Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada was the lower house of the bicameral structure of provincial government in Lower Canada until 1838. The legislative assembly was created by the Constitutional Act of 1791. The lower house consisted of elected legislative councillors who created bills to be passed up to the Legislative Council of Lower Canada, whose members were appointed by the governor general.
The lower house was dissolved on March 27, 1838 following the Lower Canada Rebellion and Lower Canada was administered by an appointed Special Council. With the Act of Union in 1840, a new lower chamber, the Legislative Assembly of Canada, was created for both Upper and Lower Canada which existed until 1867, when the Legislative Assembly of Quebec was created.

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  1. M

    Washington  80% Glock lowers

    So what’s the call on these I can get a serial number put on it when I order it are they good to go that way in Washington state?
  2. Sporting Systems

    Lowers OK to sell in WA after July 1 - FBI extension coming

    GREAT NEWS FLASH - “other” firearms being given 1 year extension for background checks at the dealer level. So the lowers can be delivered without crazy waiting periods. Now, we’ll take this fight to the state legislature to be sure they don’t screw it up. We are still going to keep our #F1639...
  3. PNWguy

    Washington  Did Washington just ban 80% lowers and pre-1968 guns?

    Was on another gun forum and they said that Washington governor Jay Inslee signed into law a measure that prohibited the possession of any firearm without a serial number. My dad owns several custom hunting rifles based on actions that were never serialized. I will take possession of those...
  4. thewhitebuffalo83

    Psa stripped lowers

    Hey everyone! Not sure if this is the right forum for this question. But I have never bought a firearm online due to the shipping and transfer effort and cost. However, I've been a fan of the different Psa lowers they come out with frequently, and the prices are definitely right, but is there...
  5. C

    80% lower receivers in Oregon?

    Hey ya'll, Before I start calling every shop in Oregon, does anyone know of any shops that sell AR-15 80% lowers? I know there are a million places online that I can buy them, but I was hoping to buy local if possible. Thanks in advance, Clint
  6. B

    How many stripped lowers is enough?

    Not disclosing what I may have, but just curious what people think is good number and WHY. At the end of the day, without ammo none of them are useful, so ammo is something more important IMO. But that's still not being threatened as much as guns themselves yet, at least here.
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