A gun shop (also known by various other names such as firearm store and gun store) is a business establishment that sells small arms, such as handguns and shotguns, to individuals in an open shopping format. Other items such as ammunition and accessories for hunting are frequently sold on the premises as well, even including souvenir t-shirts. Often having designs reminiscent of other establishments such as department stores displaying various items of clothing on racks and grocery stores displaying various foodstuffs on shelves, these firms operate under widely different gun control laws depending on the specific nation-state and locality involved. Some locations may only employ a single gunsmith in a small space while others might have many individuals working in a large space.
Although the advent of online shopping has changed the business of gun stores, the ability for customers to interact face to face with store dealers often is seen as having advantages, examples being personally guiding individuals buying firearms through the regulated purchase processes set up by local and national laws. Employees may also offer specific advice about firearm specifications. Various firearm-related websites exist that partner, either directly or indirectly, with physical stores.
In the United States, gun shops are required to have a permitting notice known as a Federal Firearms License. These licenses exist in order to administer federally mandated regulations such as bans on straw purchasing.

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  1. Landhawk Arms

    New Gun Store in Town

    Hello Fellow Gun Lovers, My name is Bryan (Landhawk) and I just opened Landhawk Arms. I have been buying/selling/trading here on Northwest Firearms for a couple of years now. So I decided to go and get my FFL and open my own shop. I am starting small with an online store and hopefully will...
  2. bentoncity

    National  Gun Store billboard denounced as an incitement to violence

    https://www.businessinsider.com/gun-shop-billboard-calls-progressive-congresswomen-4-horsemen-2019-8 Word is, the billboard message is going to be removed by the billboard owner, not the gun store due to some pressure by Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.
  3. DB is Here

    Washington  Security video shows break-in at Sequim gun store

    Security video shows break-in at Sequim gun store | Peninsula Daily News
  4. arakboss

    Washington  Sequim gun store robbed, crashed with a forklift

    Police: Sequim gun store robbed, crashed with a forklift
  5. GWS

    Brass Tacks Gun Store in Vancouver

    There appears to be a new gun shop opening in Vancouver called Brass Tacks. It;s a little bit north of 78th, on Saint Johns.. Anyone know anything about it like When it might open? Or what they will be stocking? There were some packs of targets on the wall and what appeared to be 80% lowers on...
  6. Nick Burkhardt

    Other State  Don't try to snatch and run at a gun store

    February 26, 2019 / Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA "Three alleged criminals tried to run out of the gun store with guns in hand, Caleb jumped over the counter and slapped the gun out of one of the guys standing there and then chased after the other two as they ran out the front door. Kelley saw...
  7. Aispuro

    Mexico Has 1 Gun Store. Its Murder Rate Is 5x Higher than the US

    Good article. Mexico Has 1 Gun Store. Its Murder Rate Is 5x Higher than the US
  8. Joe Link

    Washington  Gun control initiative worries gun store owners

    Gun control initiative worries gun store owners
  9. U

    Oregon  Woman from Portland Vandalizes Gun Store in Cottage Grove

    Over $1,000 in damages were done to the store by the woman. Police quickly arrested the lady, who had just recently moved to Cottage Grove from Portland. When they questioned her regarding why she attacked the gun store, she said that she took direct action herself because: "Law enforcement...
  10. iusmc2002

    Washington  We just need to meet in the middle (eye roll)

    Bellevue gun shop owner urges changes to AR-15 sales here after Florida shooting
  11. EPS

    Attempted gun store robbery

    At 03:30 this morning 4 guys using 2 car's attempted to steal gun's from the SKAGIT SHOOTING RANGE drove one car though the door and the other was for the get away but they got nothing all firearms where locked up this the range that I go to all the time there is a gun store connect to it but...
  12. 40Garand

    Davidsons/Gun Genie vs a real gun shop

    Just a quick PSA after several observations over the past few years. Davidsons.com vs. XYZ Gun Store. Just wanted to share with folks that are new to the internet or firearms purchasing. Gun stores have their own current in-store stock of guns. Davidsons.com does not dictate or show XYZ’s...
  13. 206thsense

    Bellevue Gun Store Robbed

    West Coast Armory in Factoria/Bellevue got hit early Tuesday morning. Stolen car used to ram the the front and 3 men hit the store. Bad guys got away with 40-50 pistols. Be on the look out, folks. Police: Thieves use vehicle to ram door of Bellevue gun shop, get away with 40-50 guns
  14. G

    Need recommendation on gun store Eugene or Cottage Grove

    Have a friend with a farm. We go to help slaughter sheep for her. She can't reliably use a knife due to size. We shoot the sheep in the head and then slit its rhroat when it drops. I have been using my 1911 in 45. This last week coyotes got in and killed 6 but didn't finish them and she...
  15. Velzey

    The Gun Broker Clackamas is Closing

    Just a heads up before you make a drive across town. After having been open for 28 years they are closing up shop. From what I have heard the owner is retiring and moving somewhere warmer. Over the years that store has had some pretty darn nice firearms! As some may already know he closed up the...
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