In computer technology and telecommunications, online indicates a state of connectivity, and offline indicates a disconnected state, specifically an internet connection.
Online and offline are defin Standard 1037C]]. They are states or conditions of a "device or equipment" or of a "functional unit". To be considered online, one of the following may apply to a system: it is under the direct control of another device; it is under the direct control of the system with which it is associated; or it is available for immediate use on demand by the system without human intervention.
In contrast, a device that is offline meets none of these criteria (e.g., its main power source is disconnected or turned off, or it is off-power).
The Oxford dictionary defines "online" (sometimes also referenced as "On the Line") as "controlled by or connected to a computer" and as an activity or service which is "available on or performed using the Internet or other computer network". The term is utilized within terms such as these: "online identity", "online predator", "online gambling", "online shopping", "online banking", and "online learning". The online context is given to other words by the prefixes "cyber" and "e", as in the words "cyberspace", "cybercrime", "email", and "ecommerce".

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  1. RobMa

    New push from the left to ban many gun related items online.

    I realize some of you are not a fan of this guy, but it might be important...
  2. Landhawk Arms

    New Gun Store in Town

    Hello Fellow Gun Lovers, My name is Bryan (Landhawk) and I just opened Landhawk Arms. I have been buying/selling/trading here on Northwest Firearms for a couple of years now. So I decided to go and get my FFL and open my own shop. I am starting small with an online store and hopefully will...
  3. jon321

    Anyone know of a place in Portland /Vancouver that sells Rocksett other then online?

    Just got my new can last week and the 3 lug mount that threads into the can will get loose when I dump 2 mags in my CZ Scorpion.I tightened it up really good but the heat is the issue just wondering if there is a place local to find some Rocksett. Thanks
  4. The Heretic

    ATF & Glock FA switch selectors sold online

    Multiple Reports of Glock Sear Arrests by ATF | RECOIL
  5. jlhopwo

    Andrew Branca's Law of Self Defense Book and Level 1 Online Class

    So I purchased this book a few month's ago, and I am pretty sold on his product- knowledge, especially the five elements of a self-defense claim, which are innocence, imminence, proportionality, reasonableness (objective and subjective), and avoidance. I signed up and took his online Level 1...
  6. Joe Link

    Oregon  Gun parts bought online at center of Oregon romance novelist’s suspected spouse slaying

    Gun parts bought online at center of Oregon romance novelist’s suspected spouse slaying
  7. 2

    Range Ammo, Ball. Any good deals online?

    I'm looking to buy a couple thousand range/ball to get me going on my new 1911 that's in route. Are there any hot deals out there? #Brass case only* I found Remington UMC .45 ACP 230gr 500/$130 before shipping/tax. Before I commit, any better prices out there I should know of? Thanks
  8. JuglansRegia

    Online class for CHL?

    Has anyone tried or recommend and online class to fulfill the education requirement for and ORegon CHL? I found this place called Felton Academy but couldn't find any reviews or any info from the BBB
  9. arakboss

    Oregon  SB 501 will do away with online background check process?

    In section 8. (2) (d) of the SB 501 bill it only provides for a telephone method as requirement to complete background check processs with OSP. Does that mean no more online background checks for FFLs? That should rile up the FFLs. " (d) The gun dealer shall request by telephone that the...
  10. bolus

    online hospital pricing

    All US hospitals are supposed to put up there prices online starting yesterday. I could only find one for Legacy hospitals but they sure hid it good. I cant find anything on the other hospitals. Either they did not do it or are hiding it well. Hospital Pricing Interesting to see what they...
  11. John Gault

    Grab a Gun and Optics Planet- Anybody buy thru them online?

    They're easily $100.00 below local pricing.. Even with shipping and transfer fees I'm still 50 to 70 dollars ahead. Went to a local shop and asked them to meet me in the middle and got nowhere. Offered to take a 40.00 transfer fee instead.. Are margins really that tight and how does grab a gun...
  12. Squash_edc

    Online ammo

    anyone got some good deals on ammo online? Not looking to deal with rebates since 90% of the time companies bubblegum you over with them. Looking for 9mm (no steel case), .223/5.56(no steel case) 7.62x39
  13. Joe Link

    Other State  Boston officer’s lawsuit targets online gun marketplace

    Boston officer’s lawsuit targets online gun marketplace - The Boston Globe
  14. U

    Best online multistate ccw

    Couldn't find in a search. In your opinion, what is the best online sight to get qualified for multi state ccw? I have an Oregon ccw already. Appreciate any help on this.
  15. Mike97124

    Buying Revolver Through Online Broker?

    I'm considering buying another revolver and have narrowed my consideration down to two Smith & Wesson models, the Model 19 and Model 66 in .357 with a 4" to 5" barrel, I'm not looking to collect, just find a well cared for shooter. I've not seen a lot locally so I've started looking at some of...
  16. J

    Online ccw class for oregon

    Could someone point me to a legitimate one that’s accepted by the sheriffs in Oregon. My dad has taken a actually course in Ohio but is a resident here now. Thought he could save some time and money and do the online one. Thanks guys.
  17. DuneHopper

    Friendly note to online electronics buyers. ( avoid these guys)

    Friendly note to online electronics buyers. I was watching a video on graphics cards on Youtube, one of their ads showed a site called Some reason I never heard of them, but I went to the site and they had a card I wanted 30% off for 3 days. It all checked out no security issues, and...
  18. P

    Online discounts

    Can we get a thread going for active online discounts codes? I always see discounts for freedom munitions and sometimes some other sites. Could we just post all the ones we know and find on here to help each other save some money online? Like 10% off brownells with code 10off or free shipping...
  19. edslhead

    Midway's sellin guns online now

    Have to see how their prices are.:D
  20. trikerdon

    Other State  Tyranny: Calif. Farmer Thrown In Jail After Complying With Gun Registration Law

    California has imposed a plethora of strict gun control laws that appear to be more about discouraging lawful gun ownership than preventing crime and violence. Tyranny: Calif. Farmer Thrown In Jail After Complying With Gun Registration Law
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