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Closed may refer to:
Closed (poker), a betting round where no player will have the right to raise
Closed (album), 2010 album by Bomb Factory
Closed GmbH, German fashion brand

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  1. Lasers

    Fixed  Filter for closed threads in classifieds no longer an option?

    Always found it useful to search and filter for closed listings, so I could research what things have recently sold for when setting prices on something I want to sell. Very useful actually, maybe it's still there but I'm not seeing it, maybe this was removed with intent? Hope not, loved using...
  2. GWS

    Why Is SafeFire Closed

    Anyone heard anything? I called yesterday with no answer, went by today and it was dark. What's up there?
  3. snarlingdog

    Companies that closed due to fire/smoke question

    So I work for a company that they decided to close down due to smoke and being in stage 2 evacuation area. I have a question that I'm not getting an answer from my company about. Since I was willing to work but they closed down do I have to use my PTO or do they pay cuz they made the call.....or...
  4. Cogs

    WA State Suddenly Closed Target Shooting on State Managed Lands...

    Target Shooting is suddenly closed for all WA State managed lands for reasons of hot/dry weather. Notice is currently being posted at common shooting sites throughout the state. Would have been best for everyone with a little advanced notice! It's not like the forecast suddenly changed late...
  5. C

    Other options to get new CPL in Seattle? -SPD is closed

    I want to get my CPL, local SPD front desk services are closed (Front Counter Services - Police | Is this my only option? My understanding is you have to apply with the jurisdiction you reside in, so going to another county won't work.
  6. A

    Heads up regarding Tigard Pawn 4 More being closed on Sundays in June

    It appears that Tigard Pawn 4 More is closing on Sundays during the month of June. I saw multiple people drive up wanting to do business in there only to find it was closed. I thought I might be able to save somebody from making a wasted trip. This sign was on the door:
  7. O

    Answered  how to find your closed threads?

    how do you find your old closed threads? dont show up when i click my tab
  8. J8ckb11

    First time buyer during Covid shutdown, how do I proceed?

    Ok im trying to purchase my first gun during the pandemic. With all the store being closed, is there another way i can get what i need? Are there shops open that i dont know about? Am i SOL until this blows over??
  9. clearconscience

    Extremely angry about this. Why are forest areas closed?! I so livid about this abuse of power. How in the F are they going to close the outdoors?! For social distancing? This is exactly social distancing. if there is a stay at home order then that should apply to the 1000 people at home...
  10. 2

    South Sound Guns = Closed?

    Disregard I been trying to call SSG. No answer on several attempts. Then the phone gets picked up, and hung up. Can anyone confirm if they are open and answering the phone?
  11. CountryGent

    I-5 Southbound Lane Closed as Deputies Respond To 'Reports of Gunfire' at Canyonville Home

    So just a bit ago I was driving up the Five for a doctor's appointment when I saw waves of police vehicles of every type and at least two agencies (county and state) headed south bound. This must be what was up: I-5 Southbound Lane Closed as Deputies Respond To 'Reports of Gunfire' at...
  12. aksu747

    Oregon  Cabela's Tualatin Closed

    Got word from my boss shortly, Cabela's Tualatin will be closed for a while. I was not given a time frame for how long it will be closed and it had not been disclosed to him either. They will still be finishing up the background checks that have already been started and give people their...
  13. J

    Johnson Creek Gun Club is closed, temporarily....

    As the range facility is ill-suited to maintain social distance requirements of six feet, it must close. The “Stay Home - Stay Healthy” order/plan posed by Governor Brown includes, “If businesses can’t offer their version of take out, they should close.” This decision was difficult in that the...
  14. kmk1012

    Have Any Local Ranges Closed or Modified Attendance?

    Just curious if anyone has had their local range pose limitations or even closed. Luckily my local range (Four Corners Rod and Gun Club) is mostly outside and show no signs of shutting down.
  15. ruger45blackhawk

    Old Chicago Closed Happy Valley

    Anyone going to miss Old Chicago in Happy Valley? They closed yesterday.
  16. O

    Washoughal River closed down?

    Heard a rumor it is no longer. anyone know anything?
  17. H

    old model pc9 carbine slide stuck partially closed. unable to reassemble.

    Trying to clean my old PC9, slide moved freely after disassembly, then stuck in partially almost closed position. Will only move with excessive force. Unable to reassemble.
  18. A

    Question  Hiding closed ads when searching classified threads.

    How do I hide closed ads when searching for a specific type of item in classifieds? I see the "hide closed ads" box when viewing the entire thread but when you use the search function, that "hide closed ads" box appears to be unavailable.
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