Closed may refer to:
Closed (poker), a betting round where no player will have the right to raise
Closed (album), 2010 album by Bomb Factory
Closed GmbH, German fashion brand

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  1. arrowshooter

    BeaverCreek Armory Closed Down

    As the title states, BeaverCreek Armory has shut down due to economics. Love'm or not, they will be missed.
  2. gmerkt

    My local Ford store closed down

    My local Ford store in Everett, WA just recently closed. It was Brien Motors for decades, in 2016 sold to the Swickard Group and became Epic Ford. They closed down a couple of weeks ago. The assets of the business have been divided between three remaining area Ford franchises. I'm not sure...
  3. aflineman

    Oregon 21, 22, 29 Pretty much Closed.

    Looks like most of the public lands in Oregon units 21, 22 and 29 are closed under emergency fire closure. Some areas of 21 out Highway 58 and far out East on 138 are open. But visibility and air quality at times is horrid.
  4. fstdraw

    Gooseneck Rd. closed to shooting

    Anybody know if the Gooseneck area is still posted " No Target Shooting"? It's been closed since the 9th. to target shooters. Thank you.
  5. Tony617

    Chinese Port closed due one person with Delta Varient of CV

  6. fredball

    Inslee signs bill behind closed door castrates local law enforcement
  7. F

    All DNR lands in Eastern Washington to be closed to the public

    Just saw this:
  8. Lasers

    Fixed  Filter for closed threads in classifieds no longer an option?

    Always found it useful to search and filter for closed listings, so I could research what things have recently sold for when setting prices on something I want to sell. Very useful actually, maybe it's still there but I'm not seeing it, maybe this was removed with intent? Hope not, loved using...
  9. GWS

    Why Is SafeFire Closed

    Anyone heard anything? I called yesterday with no answer, went by today and it was dark. What's up there?
  10. snarlingdog

    Companies that closed due to fire/smoke question

    So I work for a company that they decided to close down due to smoke and being in stage 2 evacuation area. I have a question that I'm not getting an answer from my company about. Since I was willing to work but they closed down do I have to use my PTO or do they pay cuz they made the call.....or...
  11. Cogs

    WA State Suddenly Closed Target Shooting on State Managed Lands...

    Target Shooting is suddenly closed for all WA State managed lands for reasons of hot/dry weather. Notice is currently being posted at common shooting sites throughout the state. Would have been best for everyone with a little advanced notice! It's not like the forecast suddenly changed late...
  12. C

    Other options to get new CPL in Seattle? -SPD is closed

    I want to get my CPL, local SPD front desk services are closed (Front Counter Services - Police | Is this my only option? My understanding is you have to apply with the jurisdiction you reside in, so going to another county won't work.
  13. arakboss

    Heads up regarding Tigard Pawn 4 More being closed on Sundays in June

    It appears that Tigard Pawn 4 More is closing on Sundays during the month of June. I saw multiple people drive up wanting to do business in there only to find it was closed. I thought I might be able to save somebody from making a wasted trip. This sign was on the door:
  14. O

    how to find your closed threads?

    how do you find your old closed threads? dont show up when i click my tab
  15. J8ckb11

    First time buyer during Covid shutdown, how do I proceed?

    Ok im trying to purchase my first gun during the pandemic. With all the store being closed, is there another way i can get what i need? Are there shops open that i dont know about? Am i SOL until this blows over??
  16. clearconscience

    Extremely angry about this. Why are forest areas closed?! I so livid about this abuse of power. How in the F are they going to close the outdoors?! For social distancing? This is exactly social distancing. if there is a stay at home order then that should apply to the 1000 people at home...
  17. 2

    South Sound Guns = Closed?

    Disregard I been trying to call SSG. No answer on several attempts. Then the phone gets picked up, and hung up. Can anyone confirm if they are open and answering the phone?
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