Just a quick PSA after several observations over the past few years. vs. XYZ Gun Store. Just wanted to share with folks that are new to the internet or firearms purchasing. Gun stores have their own current in-store stock of guns. does not dictate or show XYZ’s inventory. When you land on a gun at don’t go to your gun shop and beat the guy up behind the counter insisting that he must have the gun in stock if the shops name came up in the Gun Genie search results. The internet is a great place to purchase things but you may want to touch base with your favorite gun store before you go all crazy purchasing a gun through Davidsons or any other internet source for that matter. Sorry if I’m beating a dead horse but it’s a valid reminder. Mods feel free to move this to General Discussion if you think it will get more traffic over there.
I feel bad ordering from the web, then picking it up at my LGS. He has to make a living too, and he sees me like going behind his back to save a couple of bucks. Whenever I see something on Gun Genie, I always go to him first and see what kind of price he can do. If it is not too much more, I will have him order it for me.

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